Two Easy Guitar Licks

In this lesson we're going to learn two simple little guitar licks. These licks are great if you're just getting started soloing, and even if you've got a bit of experience, perhaps they'll give you some fresh inspiration.

Don't get hung up too much on the mechanics of these riffs. The most important thing is to make sure you have the correct notes, but beyond that, let the music guide you in how to play those notes!  

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Ron - November 30, 2020 Reply

Thanks man. This is the kind of hand holding I need to progress from where I’m at. I will look into your Box 1 course. Maybe for my Christmas present to myself.

    Jonathan Boettcher - November 30, 2020 Reply

    You’re welcome!

Melvin Schofield - December 30, 2020 Reply

Nice. Would be good to see the chords also, so I can relate the soloing back to following the chords.

    Jonathan Boettcher - December 30, 2020 Reply

    Hey Melvin, the whole track is basically just Am and Dm.

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