Learn A Lick You Won’t Forget

When you learn a new lick, if you don't use it, you'll lose it

That's why when I learn new licks that I want to retain, I make sure to work with them for a while over top of a jam track. I do my best to "break" the lick, dissecting it into smaller pieces, and working with all the chunks. I try playing the lick in a bunch of different tracks, over different rhythms and styles of music. By the time you go through this process, you won't even have to work on remembering the lick - your fingers will do that work for you! 

Here's the basic tab for the lick we're working with in today's lesson, however notice that in the video I rarely ever played it this way. That's the whole point - take the basic lick idea, then find new ways to play with it. This really works the creative side of your brain, and it is terrific practice for soloing!

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Bromley - October 2, 2023 Reply

Great idea. I have books with hundreds of guitar licks. This is a good way to memorise the best ones and “repackage” them. Fantastic lesson.

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