How One Note Can Change Everything

One note has the power to completely change the flavor of a chord, and even of an entire song. Today we’re looking at just one example of how that can be done.

If you can take hold of the principle of how to pull your scales right into your chords, you will have in your hands a goldmine of musical inspiration that will never run out.

If you want to become more creative with your chords, and discover how to add mini-melodies into your rhythm playing – even while strumming – checkout my Toolbox For D Major course.

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Ronald - November 7, 2020 Reply

That was interesting add 4 th great job

Doug Gordon - April 25, 2022 Reply

Good tip J.B. I’ve heard that called Gsus4, but the 3rd is still in there, you’re just adding the 4th! Makes prefect sense. Another tool in the toolbox.
Thanx, Doug

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