Discover how to turn your chords into a goldmine of musical inspiration, perfect for rhythmic melodies!

Discover How To Weave Melody Through Your Rhythm Parts

Even Straight-Up Strummers Can Do This!

Picture yourself sitting beside a campfire, acoustic guitar in hand. 

You're jamming away, improvising a brand new melody you've never played before in your life. As the chords come to life, you smile to yourself, satisfied that you're able to fully express the music that's welling up inside you. 

Hi, I'm Jonathan Boettcher, and despite having played lead and rhythm guitar in various bands, that exact scene is still one of my favorite ways to play guitar. 

The fact is, improvising while playing rhythm guitar is completely different than improvising a lead guitar solo. 

When playing lead guitar, licks are super important. 

But when you're playing rhythm, you need to find a new source of musical inspiration - one that allows you to keep the rhythm going at the same time!

That inspiration is found in the CHORDS. 

Melodies Even Simple Strummers Can Master

If you're just playing basic chords, then you need something else to fill in a melody for you, to make a song. That might be another instrument, or it might be a singer. 

But what about if you could add the melody to your chords, right while you're strumming?

That's totally doable, and you don't have to be some kind of pro to be able to enjoy this level of playing. 

As I mentioned already, the chords hold all the answers. 

Well, the chords... and the scale. 

Discover How To Modify Chords...
Even Without Theory

If you know the scale for a given key, you can pick notes from that scale and add them to chords from the same key, and create chord modifications

As soon as you play that modified chord, you will notice it has a different flavor than it did without the modification. All you have to do is play a few of these modifications one after another, and you've got a melody happening, right there in your strumming. 

Usually a modification only requires a single finger movement, so it's not difficult to string a bunch of these together. 

If you're good at picking, so much the better, this will be like pouring gasoline on your creative fire! 

With this principle alone, you can create all kinds of chord modifications, even if you don't know what to call them. Now, if you've been around this website for very long, you probably know I highly value music theory, and I think every guitar player needs at least a little bit of it under their belt. My Unlocking I IV V course is a great place to start. 

But I also try to be very practical, and I know that this is a trick guitar players can use even if their theory hasn't caught up with them yet. 

The Rhythm Player's Tool Box For D Major

I decided to create a toolbox of chords and chord modifications that a rhythm guitar player would fine super helpful for creating more interesting rhythm parts. 

However, I wanted the course to be short enough that you could really engage with it in one or two evenings, and see rapid, meaningful progress in your playing. 

So, I decided to focus on just a single key - D major. 

D is a beautiful key on guitar, perfect for the kind of rhythm jamming we're talking about. 

The Rhythm Player's Tool Box for D Major is far more than a simple chord dictionary. Sure, we'll look at a lot of chords, but we'll also look at the scale, and discover how you can merge them together to create amazing new sounds. 

We'll look at slash chords, and how you can use them to add so much rich texture to your playing. 

Then we'll look at some of my favorite intervals - thirds and sixths - and discover how you can use them to create rhythmic, melodic riffs that suggest the chords without actually playing them. 

Then we'll take those a step further, and look at some really amazing spread triads that you'll be able to use to create beautiful chords further up the fretboard. I'm not talking about bar chords here - but these can be used to create amazing depth, pairing lower notes with higher harmonies - again, all right there in your rhythm playing. 

Bust Out Of That Rhythm Rut Today!

When you play mostly rhythm guitar, it's far too easy to get into a bit of a rut in your playing, where all the songs start to sound a bit similar, because you're always using the same chords. 

Speaking from personal experience, I know that learning a few new chord shapes can completely transform your rhythm sound - especially the ones like I teach in the Rhythm Player's Toolbox For D. 

For instance, using the open voicing spread triads that I will teach you has transformed my own rhythm sound for certain songs - and I believe it can do the same for you. 

Is This Course At My Level?

This is not a beginner course, but it isn't an advanced course either. 

If you've got some theory knowledge, that would be helpful, but it's not strictly necessary either. If you're new to music theory, my Unlocking I IV V course would pair very well with this one. 

If you're comfortable playing rhythm with open chords, and ideally, if you know your bar chords as well, then you're at a place where you should be able to start applying this stuff to your playing. 

And of course, if you're already more advanced, and play amazing rhythm, but you're looking for new ways to add more melody into your progressions, this might be just the thing to rocket you on to the next level, quicker than ever.

Course Format

The Rhythm Player's Toolbox for D is a video course, designed to be viewed in our online member's area. However, it is also available to download, so you can watch it offline on any device you choose. Additionally, it's available on DVD for those who prefer that. 

The course supplement book (on PDF) included with the course truly supplements and adds to what you will find in the video. From theory to detailed discussions of riffs and patterns, you will find this an invaluable study tool. You can easily download it from the member's area, and print yourself a copy, if you choose. 

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The Rhythm Player's Toolbox for D Major is laser-focused on helping you grow your chord knowledge, thus equipping you to improvise rhythmically all over your fretboard in D Major or B Minor. You'll discover the depth of slash chords, the versatility of merging chords and scales, and the harmonic joy of using spread triads and interval-based licks. 

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PS. You'll learn dozens of new chord variations, all in the key of D major, which you'll be able to use to create some beautiful, simple melodies right in your rhythm part. You'll discover the depth of slash chords, the versatility of merging chords and scales, and the harmonic joy of using spread triads and interval-based licks. 

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