Rhythm Player’s Toolbox Testimonials

Leonard Canter

Downloaded and finished the course 2-3 times before the DVD and Course Book arrived in the mail. Will go thru the Toolbox for D Major a couple more times, for sure. Was good to hear Jonathan's explanations as the course progressed. Wish I'd taken it years ago; it would have saved a bunch or time finding things out. Looking forward to Toolbox in A.

Kim Rush

The material makes me aware of nuances I would otherwise have not focus on.

Every course I have purchased from these guys has been great, and I have many of their courses.

Michael Shattuck

Your lessons have helped me learn a lot about the guitar, and how it works. I do not consider myself your average guitar player. I am retired and am 75 years old. This is my hobby, I started playing at 18. At 62 I started playing 2hrs. a day that was in 2009. I have my 10,000 hrs. in and still love learning about the instrument - it is a life long endeavor. I have enjoyed all your courses.