Quick Start Guide To The Tasty Interval

Welcome to your journey into the world of thirds… the Tasty Interval!

Seeing as you’ve only just joined us, you might think I’ve ingested something I should have stayed away from, but I can assure you my friend, as we go through this journey together, I think you will soon come to see that the musical third is in fact an extremely tasty sound, and that it is used everywhere you look.

As we learn to use thirds in our riffs and solos, our solos become more melodic, more tasteful, and more song-fitting.

I created the Quick Start Guide to Thirds: the Tasty Interval to help bring you up to speed so that we can begin applying these to your playing.

>> Click here to download the Guide

Included in the guide is a handy cheat sheet (see page 10) that shows two different approaches to using thirds that you’ll find extremely handy in the key of A minor or C major.

For now, grab that guide (you might want to print a copy of the cheat sheet for your guitar case), and I’ll be in touch soon with a video that will help demonstrate these things further.

If you’ve got questions about the Guide, please post them in the comments below!

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7 years ago

I have received the guide. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to get home to my guitar and get to work. Hope it is not too hard for a beginner like me. Thanks again!!!

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