Free Rock Jam Track

The free rock jam track I promised you can be downloaded by right-clicking on the button below, and clicking "Save As" or "Save Target As" depending on your browser. You can also watch the video, above, as it has a scale pattern on-screen to help you. 

Why F# minor? Well... why not? F# minor is the relative minor to A major, which is a very common key, and the free jam track I offer with my blues tracks is in A minor, so I decided to pick a different key this time to explore some other parts of the fretboard, and some new sounds. Your guitar will sound different in F# minor compared to the more common A minor!

This particular jam track is in F# minor, so you can use the F# pentatonic minor scale to solo over it, or if you know your scales, try adding in the A major scale as well. Hit play on the video to hear the same track that you can download above, but with the F# pentatonic minor scale displayed on screen throughout the whole track.

Tip: if you hit the fullscreen button in the bottom right of the player you'll be able to see the notes better.

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Ramon Tutó - October 8, 2013 Reply

Muchas gracias por su backing track, es ideal para practicar.

    Graeme - October 8, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Jonathan,
    Nice soundtrack. Appreciated. - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Great jam track for improving soloing! Thanks! - October 9, 2013 Reply

    I really liked tjis jam track! - October 9, 2013 Reply

    That’s great and beautiful Colin. I am still learning your “The definitive beginner’s Guide to Acoustic Guitar”. Held up in bar chords but trying everyday. I am definitely a better player. But still far away from jamming.
    You are my guru and I hope one day I will start doing it.
    Kailash - October 8, 2013 Reply

Nothing gets my guitar juices flowing better than a great jam track… and Jonathan’s have been some of the best ones I have used. Why? It’s all in the production value. These tracks use a real band (no cheesy MIDI crap), and they sound great, both in audio quality and musicality. You really can’t go wrong with these jam tracks! **Robert**

Austin Landis - October 8, 2013 Reply

Bro you always have awesome stuff appreciate all your tips and insights and the blessings of your knowledge keep it Rocking


Roy Barretto - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks, I started experimenting with it. It’s fun! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Hey, It’s always good to have a playing buddy…..When there is no one to jam with, these quality jams are the edge a guy needs. I even use them to brush up on harmonica work.
Thanks for the freebes!!!

Walt Peters - October 8, 2013 Reply

Best Story: Is – Picking up a Guitar, and Playing – After putting it down for about 16 years, and Burning in some calouses… well not Burning, but developing…. Gota Go Now, LATERRRRRRRRRRRRR
Wal of the`RAPIDS“CEDAR`that is…….. - October 8, 2013 Reply

I have 3 Guitars and 2 Basses, but my fave is my Tyler Mountain acoustic that I won in a raffle. The sunburst face is signed by30 blues artists who appeared at the2007 South Florida International Blues Festival. It was then sent back to the factory for the final gloss coat. National artists like Duke Robillard,Ben Presage, Jeff Prine, Juanita Dixon,Joey Gilmore, and the late Tinsley Ellis, who passed away last year, much too young just to name a few. It is most definitely one of a kind. also, your last 30 tracks are great.

Ray Brodeur - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great Jam track!
My guitar playing has improved considerably since joining your sight, thanks for all you provide.
Rock On Brother!!

Little Bob - October 8, 2013 Reply

I have learned more from your free mini lessons that I can use in my daily practise then from any other guitar websites
This jam track is the greatist THANK YOU Johnathan

Farley - October 8, 2013 Reply

Dig it bro. Are you familiar with the telluride guitar?got it from a young guitarist who passed4 years ago so I’ve got his axe now on a quest too play in my upper 50s but with passion to be a player thanx - October 8, 2013 Reply

As always, I have to purchase this one too, so I will not miss any single copy of your CD’s in my shelf.

Fred Robinson - October 8, 2013 Reply

Sounds like late 50’s in Holly Ridge, MS

Rick Parker - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great track. Like the tab that goes along with it. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Hey Jonathon:

Great track


Roy Gilbert - October 8, 2013 Reply

I am inspired by all of your info that you put online wish I could afford to buy your lessons but I am on a very strict and fixed income at present please keep the free lesson coming and keep on rockin - October 8, 2013 Reply

Very nice sounding track!
…thanks for all you do for us!!!

Bill - October 8, 2013 Reply

Excellent ! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Free! I like free!

Roger - October 8, 2013 Reply

Rocking god swamp music , I can hear John Fogerty vocals over this one !!

Steve L - October 8, 2013 Reply

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for all you do.

I’m waiting to pick up a new guitar.
I found a used Brian Moore i2000 i9 guitar at a pawn shop.
It needed some TLC. So I brought to my guitar store.
Great to have a store that you have worked with for years.
Where the owner greets you by name when you walk in every six months or so.

They are repairing a broken coil-tap volume pot and getting it set up for me.
It will be interesting to hear how the single coil pick-ups sound on a mahogany body.
It’s been an agonizing wait of a whole week. (patience, patience)
Hopefully I’ll get it back today.

-Steve - October 8, 2013 Reply

You make learning fun and easy! Always finding new ways to teach things! You honestly care about your followers and their progress! Thanks for sharing your talent. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Hi Jonathan. I love the Jam track. I particularly enjoy the “open spaces” that allows for some inspiring opportunities. The dynamics in the different parts also prompts one to play with the right kind of feel matching the particular pace of the song. It is also nice to be challenged a bit with a key that I certainly do not use a lot (F#). I was amazed how different the scale sounds by simply this key change. I am your typical weekend guitarist stuck in the South of Africa that only knows one scale – The mighty minor pentatonic (mostly in A, LOL). Thanks to people like you the internet has become a most valuable source for us few rockers stuck down here in Africa. Many thanks. Peter > Johannesburg. South Africa. - October 8, 2013 Reply

I’ve been working these pent scales all over the fret board…Just going all the way up and then back down in sequence and working that open scale. Scale patterns DVD most helpful. Now to work in Dom 7ths and 3rds is next step. - October 8, 2013 Reply

OUtstanding track, im 70 just started playing (practicing ) about 9 months ago and really enjoy this ,thx

Jim - October 8, 2013 Reply

Coool track……reminds me of a jam we did in Afghanistan a few years back. I was there (Im a soldier) and we had the chance to jam so LETS DO THIS!! There was a nice setup and after the bbq we jammed. Must have been 200 people there. We even got rocketed but kept playing. Music wins!! Cheers and keep jammin’ - October 8, 2013 Reply

I ever follow your lessons, i’ve purchased someone, and even if i don’t speak english very well (i’m an italian guy), you ever make me a better self guitarist, thank you for sharing your lessons and your experience.

From the deep of my strings, Roberto

EVANDRO - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great Jonathan and thank you.
Evandro - October 8, 2013 Reply

That’s a great backing track. Can’t wait to try it. Great job. - October 8, 2013 Reply

so your stuff works! good going , looking forward to learning…

carl - October 8, 2013 Reply

i like to learn guitar i work only 9 to 14 hours a week & iam always broke

Ambele David - October 8, 2013 Reply

i have really enjoyed the jam, because before i was so confused with those scales but now my mind is widen, thank you a lot.

Ken Philbrick - October 8, 2013 Reply

2yrs ago I turned 70 and learning to play the guitar 2 years earlier. My wife and I went to a dinner party at aclubhouse for condo residents maybe 30 people there and while we were eating a elderly gentleman said Ken i hear yo play guitar. I said just barely but learning a lime. He said go get your guitar and let’s jam for the dinner guests so I went back to my condo and got my Strat. We played for 2 hours and he was unbelievbly good. Later my wife said “Do you know who that was?” I said no and she said he is one of the guys who wrote Suzie Q. Now I know I have arrive in Guitar God land. Ken P - October 8, 2013 Reply

Sounds pretty cool. Thanks. - October 8, 2013 Reply

I enjoy getting your emails on ways I can better my self as a guitar player. I started back when I was 10 yrs. old but put it down after a couple of guitar lesson as it became to boring so I put it down.If back then somebody had made it simple and not hard I would probably be a better guitar player. Now that I get emails from you I have learn from you and even my wife has said I’m getting better at my playing, so keep up the great work and keep the videos coming. Now that I have learn some things fromyou their is no doubt that will become a better player. Thanks a lot Tim.

Robert Herrmann - October 8, 2013 Reply

There is absolutely no substitute to playing along with jam tracks (unless you’re lucky enough to have other musicians around) in order to build the skills you need to play in a band. I must admit that F# isn’t a key I normally play in, but this ‘Slow Monday’ groove is too good to pass up!

a2ndpower - October 8, 2013 Reply

Nice rock-blues track! The “Slow Monday” brightened up my dull Tuesday… ; ) Your DVDs and CDs have helped me improve the technique of improvising. I am a fan of your Blues Jam Tracks. And, you are a great teacher. Thanks for all you do. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Fav Jam Story:
Back in the Disco era, me and my guitar player were dressed in our best Leisure Suits to go clubbing. On our way we stopped as the local jam room where we usually rock out. Well we walked into the room and some new guys were there, you should have seen the look on their faces. We then proceeded to shred the room as udual Priceless! !! They didn’t know what hit them. - October 8, 2013 Reply

THANK YOU!! Learning scales, and starting to see and hear the pattern. Feel like I’m getting somewhere, and this really helped me!!

Scotty - October 8, 2013 Reply

Kewl groove… Nice and clean. Works great playing along with strumming patterns. Thanks.

Jacie - October 8, 2013 Reply

Nice !!!!i

Jamriver - October 8, 2013 Reply

I used F# Aeolian and F# Dorian (and some extra fail notes) with this track and got very exiting sounds out of it! – Ooh I want some more like this 😉

Ross - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the great jam tracks - October 8, 2013 Reply

Jonathon, ‘ole buddy!
Thanks for all that you’ve done for my playing over the past year. I look forward to more. Watch for me when they start an, “America’s Got Old Talent”. By then, I might be ready.

I can’t wait to close my door at lunch and practice f’ing F# minor!

Greg Lyon - October 8, 2013 Reply

Take the memory of my R&R group in high school in the 60’s and all the memories of our group that played then and reunite in 2006.This made me feel that my bucket list in my now 60’s. I had to bring things up to date,.Bought 2 new guitars and a amp. I am now having a great time . Your emails are the blame, thanks a million. Greg

Henk - October 8, 2013 Reply

This definitely confirm my decision to start spending serious time on playing / learning the guitar.
What a pleasure!
My fingers keep itching to keep playing

Ed DeBord - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great jam track! Playing along with it reminds me why I love to play guitar, because everytime you learn something new it opens many other doors for several other possibilities and different ways to look and think about what you’re doing. Learning new things on guitar grows your knowledge of the intstrument exponentially. Once you start learning it never stops and the beauty of it is, you will never learn it all. But we’re inspired to try!

Mike - October 8, 2013 Reply

This is one of the best jam tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Great choice of chords, a wonderful melody and crystal clear production! I love it! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Really nice tune,worth some time to learn- - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the info. Always looking for a way to advance. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Always wanted to play guitar but was too self-conscious but while at birthday party at bro-in-law’s, I picked up one of his many guitar catalogs and saw a guitar and amp for $99.95. I asked if it could possibly be any good and he said the guitar, a Squier, was better than it had any right to be. I didn’t get that combo but the seed was planted that I could own a cheap-but-decent guitar and within a month I’d found a sweet used Marshall amp and a blonde Squier Tele. Then I discovered your courses and I was on my road to blues heaven. Gracias, mi amigo.

Cliff - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks bro. Enjoyed. - October 8, 2013 Reply

I’ve seen numerous lessons on pentatonic’s but never have I tried applying it to a song. I jam with 3 others who are also still learning, and what you show us here where it shows the notes to a jam track was awesome. If this is what the jam tracks will be like I will be very interested to purchase. Thanks, you have made it easier for me to learn and apply the pentatonic to a song. - October 8, 2013 Reply

I have always enjoyed playing guitar. Now as a recent “wounded warrior”, left half blind, I can sincerely appreciate music even more. My PTSD keeps me isolated from the world, but through the aid of computers and the internet I can stay sane by listening to people like yourself help me reach my dream of someday playing guitar in public. Maybe to others who share my new affliction (injured war veterans and the like). I listened to your jam tract and wished that someday I’ll be strong enough to play like that. What a beautiful talent you have! It gave me peace and hope. Thank you – please keep the music/lessons coming. My wife agrees that this is a awesome gift for me. There’s peace through music, especially when you can play it! And I try. Thank you & Many Blessings,
USAF Staff Sergeant (Ret.)
Husband & Father

Gary - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the excellent rif jam. F sounds younger and better than a. It is an excellent opportunity.

Terry Holmes - October 8, 2013 Reply

Love it!!!!!!! Thank yo sooooo much. Keep rockin’!! - October 8, 2013 Reply

you have given me my first ah ha moment in learning the minor pen scales, thank you - October 8, 2013 Reply

I’m in! Love good jam tracks!

Eric Mass - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great sounding track. I have heard others that sounded like they were made with a cheap Casio keyboard and were very uninspiring. Yours has a real sound to it. Not just sounding like an exercise .
Just add a melody and lyrics and I think you might have a potential hit!!! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thank you! I appreciate your teaching and have made breakthroughs in my playing from purchasing your courses. I am 57 and recall many weekends at The Filmore and Winterland dreaming I could play. I live the dream thanks to your courses!

Scotty Rock - October 8, 2013 Reply

Here is my fortunate guitar story.
I am resident in the UK. Two years ago, I started working in working Baku, Azerbaijan. I decided to take my Les Paul Custom out with me on the fourth visit but was not allowed to take it inside the aircraft. I was assured it would be safe in the “hold” and would be hand delivered to me at the luggage collection point when we landed in Baku. Just show my Passport & Visa for proof of identity to get possession. While waiting for my luggage, a stunning young woman wearing an official airport style military uniform arrived in the area with my guitar case. I introduced myself and she handed it over. Her English was perfect. She asked how long I would be staying in Baku and when I wold her I was there for a month to work, she gave me her number and asked me to call her about playing in her band for a one off gig. I thought, why not? it could be fun. I called her during the week and arranged to meet her in a local trendy pub in the city centre. She said there was PA and Amps and more, belonging to the bar, already set up for Bands who played there regularly. We could use it free of charge. Great ! It was a fantastic venue and I met her band, average age probably 26 – 27 year and these girls looked liked the ones on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Girls on Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Rhythm guitar, and three backing singers. They were all dressed the same in black mini dresses and black stockings. Yes, a bit like the Robert Palmer Addicted to Love video. My new “friend” gave me the set list and insisted I stay on stage with them through all the songs and jam along. It was a good night, the crowded pub (all gorgeous young woman) really reacted well and by the second week, she contacted me to say “WE” had another 8 bookings in different Bars just on the strength of that one show. I played a few more gigs – then the penny dropped ! ! I was the only guy, playing lead guitar in an all girl Lesbian Rock Group. Not the same as pure Macho Rock & Roll but hey !, its a lot of fun, and I always play a few gigs with them when i’m over working in Baku. They had waited a long time to get a male in the band who would just enjoy playing their covers of rock music and leave all other details private.
By the way, I like the Jam tracks you have been producing for your site. They are the best on the Internet.

Supreme Isele - October 8, 2013 Reply

its really nice when ones vision is guided by work like this. no wonder there is a saying that; our lives are product of others labour. thank u for your good works. it is inspiring. it is great. keep on rocking!
i love your courses. i wish i could get enough money to purchase your courses. i know one day i will hit my target of playing in accompaining and creating great classical and gospel rocks in Praizing GOD.
it is really great when one is able to manipulate chords and notes in creating a good harmonious melody. more grease to your elbows! - October 8, 2013 Reply

I’ve owned your Unlocking the 1-4-5 for a while and was too intimidated to dive into it, but I recently bought your Decoding the Bass Guitar and it opened my eyes. Wonderful lesson and it unlocked the Unlocking the 1-4-5 for me. Now I understand it all and I am really enjoying beginning to use them both. Thank you. Andy

Damien Langan - October 8, 2013 Reply

There isn’t a single aging wanna-be rock ‘n roller on this planet, any of our sister solar planets, or any exoplanet (900 confirmed, and counting) who won’t find this to be of benefit.

Alan Hansen - October 8, 2013 Reply

Just a quick note.
This free jam track is awesome. With in minutes of playing around to it I heard familiar patterns and then riffs.Very cool. I recognized ” I got the music in me” a cool old rock classic 🙂 Thank you so much. Love this stuff
Alan - October 8, 2013 Reply

As always another one to get inspired about a great jam track. when I hear the ones that truly inspire me than I down load them thanks a million. one day when I can afford your 145 I will get that course. thanks again !! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Awesome jam track and great instructions, thanks!!

Colum - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great Jam Track, looking forward to your next subscribers e-mail, always a joy to watch your videos

Scott - October 8, 2013 Reply

I just did a bit of Jamming with the track. Lot’s of fun. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Playing my guitar and jamming to cool tracks gives me immeasurable pleasure. Every day I come to my music room to learn and grow musically. My guitars let me express my truer self and new jam tracks inspire me along my endless journey to be better
More hot jam tracks = more fun
smiley face 🙂

- October 8, 2013 Reply

Great track to jam along with – it’s very musical and suggests good sounding melodic lines to play. High production values, and subtle variations in the track are icing on the cake. Makes my guitar happy! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great jam track. Anything you get from Jonathan or Colin is always top quality. That is why I am a lifetime member of Riff Ninja. Two excellent musicians and wonderful teachers.
Ray Allen

jstin - October 8, 2013 Reply

I’m not going to write some long story telling all my guitar problems. I do want tell you that I really enjoy the videos and the jam tracks that you guys lay on all of the
guys and girls that get your e-mails and visit your Website. I’ve played bass since I was ten and a year ago I wanted to play guitar and signing to get your e-mails was the best thing that I ever did. - October 8, 2013 Reply

It is so slow that I got my fingers put in place without having to catch up. I practiced my biginner level in rhythm and played very well 145, I played with my bass too, WOW! superb. When I get the complete release, I will for sure get one. I have your blues jam tracks. Not doing good yet but helps a lot. More power to your teachings. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Since the advent of the guitar in my life, everything has changed. Thanks to Johnathan for being a crucial part of that. I have met the most interesting people, directors, actors, music producers, that have become friends. I have my own line of guitars, Hare Guitars, and that has led to getting into movies and music videos. All from a piece of wood with some strings! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Jonathan, I gotta tell you man. I was playing along with this jam track, when an ugly little dog walked through the door of my shop. He stood up on his back legs and started dancing. Then this crow flew in and sat on the dancing dog’s head. THE CROW SPOKE! He told me to keep playing and I would win a free gift. I was thinking I was now going to win the jam tracks. The dog ran out of the door with the crow and within seconds a beautiful naked woman walked in and started dancing. She pointed at me and said “Jonathan Boettcher” in a very sultry tone, “I have fallen madly in love with you through your music.” I started to tell her that I was not you but, then I thought Well, I may not win the Jam tracks. Well I wanted to win something so I yelled to her “COME TO JONATHAN”. It was the best five minutes of my life and I will never forget it. You Jonathan were given a nickname by her and she will always remember you as Fast Willy.
In reality I loved the track and if I don’t win I surely will buy the tracks when you let us know. So, I just want to thank you Fast Willy for the great track. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Hi. Another great jam track! I’ve been sitting down every week now for about 2 months with a buddy working through your 1-4-5 lessons and playing scales with these jam tracks and it’s working! Our ability to play along and hang in there with other local muscicians at open mic nights has improved exponentially. We even can solo with confidence. Your course(s) have been the most effective guitar lessons I have ever taken. Thanks for helping me become a better player!

Larry - October 8, 2013 Reply

When I was younger I played in a band and when we could we would invite other guitar players to jam with us. There is nothing like a bunch a guys trying to impress each other with their playing. We each took turns taking the lead. You can come up with some amazing riffs that way. I just wish I could remember all of them. I enjoy playing with others but it’s hard to find time to get everyone together at the same time. Now I kick back and play along with my computer. My wife tells me my computer is better than I am. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Taking a quote from your “Guitar Advice From Mark Knopfler”
“It’s falling asleep playing… you’ve gotta really want
to do it.” Learning to solo is my guitar passion and Jam Tracks are THE single most helpful asset to practice to.30 Jam Tracks would be Christmas in October and greatly used and appreciated! - October 8, 2013 Reply

enjoy all of your work, slowly improving. now playing with a group and jam with other players.

ruben villarreal - October 8, 2013 Reply

i am a total beginner, i know absolutely nothing bout playing the guitar, i am waiting till i have everything i need , i have purchased a combination fender acoustic and electric, its an older model but i like it :)), and until i have everything i want ( guitar wise), im listening to tracks to allow certain musical beats to enter my memory banks , im being spongebob right now , ur tracks would help quite a bit, so send them all to me , LOL!

Randy - October 8, 2013 Reply

Jonathon, Its sad to say that I started to learn guitar more than 30 yrs ago. Needless to say I dropped it because in those days to practice guitar was so boring. To sit and play a melody or chords my myself sounded terrible. I felt like I was never good enough to play with anyone so I chickened out.. But now with jam tracks I have made leaps and bounds in such a short time and have amazed myself that I wasn’t as bad as I thought. With tracks like these I jam and practice for hours. I actually lose track of time. Because of efforts like yours I may actually jam on stage soon and knock one item off my bucket list. I can’t thank you enough. Keep ROCKING… Randy

Kenenth Jackson - October 8, 2013 Reply

I play in a 7 piece band including sax, trumpet, 2 keyboardists, drums, bass, with me on guitar. We had a big gig and I am accustomed to playing mostly fills because there isn’t a lot of room when you have 2 (sometimes 3) keyboardists. On this night the 2 keyboardists couldn’t make it and all eyes were on me to hold all of the chords for the gig, somehow I pulled it off, but I had to learn fast, because i had to play lines I had never played before! It scared the bejeebies out of me (whew!). - October 8, 2013 Reply

Been playing to long to be as bad as I am
But my playing makes me smile and I’ve been playin for a while
Had a buddy of mine introduce me to a Blugrass club
A place where all are can come to play
It anly happens once a month
But MAN it is quite a day
Never seen more stand up Bass’s and screaming Mandolins
Love the sound of Bango’s too with tinny riffs that fill right in
I Play my guitar and hang a bit back but soon I’ll be coming through
Thanks to real cool tracks for free like this
and Great playin Tips from you
Thanks…. /B/Bm/F - October 8, 2013 Reply

Nice jam track. Having the pentatonic scale (box 1) is a good place to start. Pat, (see up above), must have some interesting things in his freezer! ha ha
Whats nice here is that I can go electric or acoustic. A playful little diddy.Thanks man! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Jonathan – Have learned so much from you. You make learning the guitar fun!

David Morgan - October 8, 2013 Reply

Parts of it remind me of Throw Yr arms around Me by Hunters + Collectors. Might try it out. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Wicked cool…I’m very remote so a little interaction really helps me out - October 8, 2013 Reply

I recently ended my lessons with a guitar instructor. The number one lesson I learned is that a great guitar player doesn’t necessarily make a great guitar teacher. - October 8, 2013 Reply

Hi jonathan,
I have loved your lessons for a while now. the first time I played “live” I had so much fun! Well, not until I was done. In the middle of our opening song I completly forgot everything we were going to play next. I wanted to put my guitar down, start crying and run out of the bar! I was able to calm my nerves and I thought about your lessons and got throught the set. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Jim - October 8, 2013 Reply

Nice Jam track. I love the different key. - October 8, 2013 Reply

OOOOPs should have played it before I wrote it Forgiive me …it goes Bb/Bbm/F sounds much better. My BAD !!!

Hilarious and Funny - October 8, 2013 Reply

Uplifting. Can get some great ideas from this and do it many different ways each time.

PITA-P@SOLIDNET.COM - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great, also like free. - October 8, 2013 Reply

You are right! This key has an unusual sound and carries the
listener through. Many thanks.

jAY RUCHAMKIN - October 8, 2013 Reply

Nuthing like jamming.

Mario Picceri - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great jamtrack + free = unbeatable !! - October 8, 2013 Reply

Please enter me into the free sound track contest.

Thanks Earl

Rhys - October 8, 2013 Reply

Great sounding jam track. Another good way for me to try & improve my improvisation & soloing.

wasa - October 8, 2013 Reply

So much 4 so little thanks 4 the trax it will go a long way to improvment

Robbie Zielemans - October 8, 2013 Reply

Thanks for taking the time to help me via this technology. I love the track and the video lesson. I have learned a lot from you and I am sure I will learn a lot more.
Thank you.

Elle Caslick - October 8, 2013 Reply

Just Aweso me

Elle Caslick - October 8, 2013 Reply

just awesome.

Tommy Cardiff - October 9, 2013 Reply

Hi Jonathan, many thanks for this, your latest free-given help to all the guitar guys and gals out there trying to improve their play and loving the ‘journey’ It’s a great track, and how you present it is very original and well thought out. An Irish greeting for you – “go n’éiri and bothar leat” – phonetically it sound like “guh nyree an boh-har lat”; literally it means ” may the road rise to meet you”; figuratively, it means “I hope your journey is easy and pleasant” – and you’re continuous assistance to all of us guitar people says pretty much the ssam thing, but in a practical , meaningful way. Thank you so much.

Rob - October 9, 2013 Reply

Your jam tracks have made a MASSIVE difference to my playing. I am playing 1000x better because of them.


Ali - October 9, 2013 Reply

What a great jam track. Perfect speed to build up to and an easy groove that gets you relaxed and feeling fluid. Working through is SO much easier this way. I can just drill through the notes to learn and get creative with it. As a newer player, I felt like I could really do something!! THANKS! - October 9, 2013 Reply

Just what I needed for practice! Excellent material! - October 9, 2013 Reply

Jamming to this track does wonders for my timing!! What a difference it makes! Yea!! - October 9, 2013 Reply

Nice track, while I am not used to playing anything in F#m pentatonic it gave rise to some stretching that I hadn’t been doing. It further, helped me to realize that I had not even tried to play the F#m over the 1 chord in A. Thanks, Dave - October 9, 2013 Reply

Many thanks. Your approach makes it far easier to let us develop our skills without feeling over stretched. Please keep up the great work so that 50+ year old late starters like me can aspire to be decent guitar players. Alan - October 9, 2013 Reply

Most jam tracks I’ve heard, even good quality ones, lack “personality.” The extra effort to make this song distinct makes it feel like you are playing along to a real song, not just a 12-bar track. Good job!

MICHAEL - October 9, 2013 Reply

Thanks. I need to do a lot of guitar practice. I never used jam tracks before. I had fun using F# scale over the jam track, it wasn’t much maybe someday. - October 9, 2013 Reply

you know the jam track is epic when a few single sustained notes sound amazing over it. makes me want to invest in a looping pedal

Dave - October 9, 2013 Reply

I really enjoy these jam tracks. I gave up guitar a long time ago when I was young for lack of adequate teaching methods. I have learned so much in the past few months since I discovered all that is available now. The closest thing to jam tracks when I tried to learn as a kid was the old “Play guitar with the Ventures” record series, which I wore out. Thanx! - October 9, 2013 Reply

My story on jam tracks:
I started playing three years ago. Practice hard and long by myself. Learned a lot of songs, chords and licks. But didn’t practice with play a longs. Then a small band heard me play a few licks in the local music store. They asked me to join the band. I was excited! On the first practice and a small gig, I started getting stares form the band members. After the first gig they “uninvited” me to join. I almost died from disappointment. Found out later why they didn’t want me. It was my timing. Couldn’t play with other folks.I practiced everything except paying in correct timing. Finally a friend told to start buying play a longs and practice with these. I did. What a difference! Improved me drastically and now am playing in another band-that is better than the first one. Thanks for backing tracks!!!!!!!!!!

Joe R. - October 9, 2013 Reply


Ron Hoag - October 9, 2013 Reply

This inspired me to record my own Jam Track. I know it won’t be as good, but you have to start somewhere!

I know I can do it !!

Ronald Emery - October 9, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the Jam Track sounds great looking forward to jamming with it. Makes me want to checkout the rest. - October 9, 2013 Reply

Great jam track to practice on and make it lots of fun to play.

Rebeka Karrant - October 9, 2013 Reply

I love this jam track. It’s the best I’ve ever heard. Thank you for giving us such an awesome gift!

Best guitar story I have is the day I got my Signature Model Taylor guitar. They didn’t make very many of this model and they used some special woods. This was back in 1995 when the woods were much cheaper and guitars like this were much more affordable. Anyway, I went into the guitar store to get a humidifier for my guitar. The sales guy (who was also a friend of mine) said, “We just got this guitar in five minutes ago and its got the sweetest acoustic sound I’ve ever heard. I bet it doesn’t stay here long!” He handed it to me so I could try it out. I played that guitar for 10 seconds. That’s all it took, 10 frikkin seconds for me to know that guitar was mine! I walked out of that store with two humidifiers, a capo, a free set of strings, and the best guitar I own! The thought of that day still gives me great joy!

Tim - October 9, 2013 Reply

Back in my school days, high school and college, I played in several bands. I played bass but knew a few chords on the guitar also. The last band was pretty darned good and we played gis every weekend but after we all got out of school we started careers, the band fell apart. After retiring a few years ago I bought a new guitar and decided play again. Your website has helped so much in motivating me to play, Thank You! Your jam tracks are great and I feel like I’m back in the band again when I play along with them. Keep up the good work and rock on! - October 9, 2013 Reply

A while back when my father in law was unable to drive a friend of his to catch a ferry in the north of Scotland, I suggested I would drive him there instead, when I met his friend Murdo we got talking and it turned out that he was a very good friend of my favourite guitarist Mark Knopfler, a few weeks later I received complementary tickets to a Mark Knopfler concert in the Royal Albert Hall (London) for myself, my wife and father in law, when we arrived at the gig we were taken to Mark Knopfler’s own private balcony box with the best seats in the house where we watched a fantastic gig, afterwards we had the pleasure of meeting the man himself who even found the time to give me some kind words of advice regarding my own songwriting.

William - October 9, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the free jam track. I love to write leads and melodies but I often get caught up in the creation process and spend too much time trying to write drums, bass and rhythm guitars and then end up wasting time. Your jam tracks make things so much easier and allow the creativity to flow. - October 9, 2013 Reply

Great sounding track.Thanks for sharing it with us.I enjoy your lessons as well.It’s always more educational by getting different perspectives from different teachers and/or musicians.

Fletch - October 9, 2013 Reply

Loved the Jam track, and the fact that it is in an “off” key, not typical A, E, D, G or B. Makes you have to work a little! Thank you for this. I’m confident the whole CD will be as good.

Guitar Story: Years ago, I was working a night job and I began to compose a song in my head. I created the first part, then began to add a second part, slowly, striving to maintain the first part. This is all single note melody stuff and now adding harmony parts. Once the second part was added and clear, I began to add a third harmony part.

It took the whole shift to get it sitting right in my mind. I went home and sat down to play it, not truly knowing it would work. I recorded the original guitar part. Then I recorded the second part. It worked! I was now really excited. Then, I added the third part and it fit perfectly and the whole was exactly as I had heard it in my head!

I had never done anything like this prior to that night. It gave me great confidence that I could compose complicated stuff without having a guitar in hand during times when I couldn’t play – but I could in my mind. And ever since, I’ve been doing this “exercise” whenever I’ve been on tour or just a long drive. It really helps you to “know” your instrument!

Sharon Bickel - October 9, 2013 Reply

I really liked the tune and the way it was put together, is there a way to print it out.

guitarzan - October 9, 2013 Reply

Ya know it’s kinda of tough to get the band together to jam @ 3:00 a.m., so the jam tracks keep the motivation to play and come up with some new ways of playing the things you’re hearing in your head.

Jeff Alicea - October 9, 2013 Reply

The way you set these tracks up are very helpful to me for the simple reason that I taught myself to play guitar backwards. I’m a lefty, so when our group took breaks from rehearsing, being the drummer, I would always pick up the guitar player’s guitar up and play it. As time went on, I eventually learned how to play the chords upside down since the guitar was strung for a righty. Lol!! Way to late to change now but thanks to you I can identify with the patterns as well as the tracks you’ve laid down. Thanks Jonathan. - October 9, 2013 Reply

Bad story/Good story,
A long time ago I fell off a ladder and went headfirst the only direction I could, down,Gravity had a tight grip on me and I knew I was a goner.My left hand hit the ground first taking the full weight of my body,smashing my wrist.After the xray in hospital the doctor said some of the bones were crushed to powder.
I asked if I would be able to play the guitar again,his reply was not what I wanted to hear.”No definatley not,your wrist will be imobile and you will have pain in it for the rest of your life” I am glad he said that because I was determined to prove him wrong.
The next day after pinning and potting they sent me home,the first thing I did was try to pickup my guitar,I could’nt raise it higher than my thigh….each day I tried To lift it higher.
After a few weeks I could just about get it to a playing position but of course could’nt work on my wrist and fingers till the pot was removed.
After that I tried touching the strings starting with the 1st E doing this as often as the pain allowed me to bend my wrist. After many months I knew I was getting somewhere but it took me a couple of years to be able to play BADLY…I persevered…. and now the good bit… my wrist and fingers are fully mobile…I have no pain whatsoever and my playing is better than ever…my guitar did that for me. your fingers hurt?….Do your muscles cramp?? Do you sometimes think it’s almost a waste of time???..Are you Going through Hell????!!!!…well listen up, a very famous well respected man once advised his soldiers ” If you are going through hell keep right on going”.

In Jonathan you/we have an excellant teacher and an abundance of good material put right in front of us….The rest as they say is ‘UP TO YOU’
All the best to all the best.
ps Look up about Django Reinhartd and BE INSPIRED Never give up.
many thanks Jonathan

John G

    Jay Silverberg - August 24, 2014 Reply

    Hi John,
    I’m new to this site but not new to guitar. When I was 15 years old, I fell down and my right arm hit some broken glass on the ground. I severed some muscles, tendons and my Ulner nerve in my right arm. I couldn’t hold a pick. Through determination and Physical Therapy, I’ve been playing since then. I was a kid, and when the MD told my mom that I’ll never play the guitar, honestly, I said B– S–t. Now I have MS as well and I still play like crazy.

- October 9, 2013 Reply

This is a very useful track especially when you incorporate the A major scale Sounds really cool ! and its fun . This is a very common progression so you can take what you applied and use it any key. It sounds quite different each time you move into a different key. Thanks ! - October 9, 2013 Reply

This track is really cool, I play bass to and this gave me a great bass riff too - October 9, 2013 Reply

This is great! There aren’t a whole lot of backing tracks out there in F# for beginning jammers and I really enjoyed this one. Thanks a bunch! - October 9, 2013 Reply

Great backing track, just love it and will certainly start to play along with it. Reminds me of the days when I was a finance manager (for Gibson, sorry for that) and had a lot of co-workers playing and jamming during coffee and lunch breaks. I was invited to jam with them, though I was a poor guitar-player. but this taught me that learning to play is best done with help of good teachers, other guitarist and if not available with usage of good backing tracks. Thanks to all and everything. Greetz from the Netherlands !

PATRICK COLLINS - October 9, 2013 Reply

This is one sweet jam track I look forward to hearing more of them. I am just starting to solo over Jam tracks and feel this is one great way to start. Big thumbs up to you for this awesome track.

George Bass - October 9, 2013 Reply

Awesome! I am new to guitar. Been playing for about a year…. having alot of fun with it! My 9 year old boy plays too!

M E Rochford - October 9, 2013 Reply

Great track as usual. i live in the UK so this competition might not apply to me, however
i just thought i would tell you all how good my Canadian built Larrivee Om 50 plays, it
wasnt cheap by any means but when i played it i just had to have it and have no regrets
in buying a truly wonderful bit of Canadian kit, it loves bluesy music so im sure it would love the the jam tracks, keep the daily emails coming i love them.
will be in Vancouver island next year visiting relatives so who knows might buy another
Larrivee. - October 9, 2013 Reply

This track sounds great and has a good tempo for someone like my self, fairly new at the guitar. I have some other jam tracks but not as clear and smooth as this one. As usual, a great job.

Richard - October 9, 2013 Reply

Teaching my Granddaughter some of what i know. we both trying to play along and having a great time.
what a great jam track - October 9, 2013 Reply

I’m not there yet but with tools like this I think I can get there. Thanks. - October 9, 2013 Reply

Thanks for another quality jam track. I always love to go from key to key during practice sessions and F# is fun. Having purchased 1,4,5… scales, and your other jam track cd I have to say the quality is excellent. Jam tracks are a fun way to practice and I cannot, due to scheduling, spend as much time jamming with others as I would like. These tracks are a helpful, fun substitute. Thanks again…Jeff - October 9, 2013 Reply

Brilliant backing track. I’ll give it a go later today after work. I reckon my old semi acoustic Barclay will really sing to that backing. Thanks for making it available. - October 9, 2013 Reply

Nice Jammin Track by golly!

Sherri - October 9, 2013 Reply

Nice! Thank you!

mark - October 9, 2013 Reply

outstanding- like the differing beat and volume/tone levels

ozzy - October 9, 2013 Reply

Hey Johnathan, just want to thank you for all you have done for me as a guitar player. I love your down to earth nature, as I also do Colin’s, because I don’t feel intimidated by your style. A lot of on-line teachers seem to have forgotten that they once were a noob themselves but you don’t act like that. You don’t “show out” as others do and I really appreciate that. You make me feel like I could sit around a campfire with you and just play and have fun without feeling like I’m gonna screw up on something and you look down on me for it. I really appreciate that as I’m sure a lot of others feel the same. Anyway, I’m not just saying this because of the free tracks ( although I would love to have them ) but because I want you to know that you have the perfect attitude to be a guitar teacher. Keep up the good work and continue to do what you do the way you do it. Your attitude and personality is why I have stayed on your e-mail list all this time. Thanks for everything. - October 9, 2013 Reply

My story about Leo Fender. My first cousin was Forrest White who is no longer with us but he was Leo Fenders right hand man. Check out the book called ( Fender, THE INSIDE STORY ) by Forrest White. His mother was my fathers sister. They lived in Akron, Ohio before he moved to California. He passed away about 10 years ago. - October 9, 2013 Reply

At 65 or so I really enjoy your way of teaching. Some day I will play as good as you
I hope. Keep up the good work.

johng1920 - October 9, 2013 Reply

Love backing tracks and this is a good one. Sort of new to guitar (playing for a year now) so any help is appreciated. Love your products, they’ve quickly made me a better player.

Tommy - October 9, 2013 Reply

I love the groove of this track! I just took my first electric guitar out of storage (a Harmony Strat copy), so hopefully I’ll have a chance to try out this track with it this weekend! Too much going on in the week to really sit down for an extended period of time and try different things with the guitar.

Boobby Blues - October 9, 2013 Reply

You Know I am shit out of luck ,went to put on a new set of strings on my guitar,just to try this F# minor an the dam High (E) BROKE FROM THE Get GO ,IT BROKE at the lupe ,I changing my Name to shit out of luck boobby Blues thank you Fokes!

Boobby Blues - October 9, 2013 Reply

I have no more String around !!!! - October 9, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the great track. Much appreciated.

Brian Driscoll - October 9, 2013 Reply

thanks…… enjoyed some new material . very helpful

Dad - October 10, 2013 Reply

Cool Jam, I get so much out of playing with Jam Tracks that metronome is starting to gather dust, and this one is awesome!

Assaf - October 10, 2013 Reply

Nice tune. will be great to jam along

Chris Dallaire - October 10, 2013 Reply

Hi, Jonathan.
I just want to say how much using your jam track really
helps. Tempo is not one of my strengths. This will surely help.
My beautiful wife, just bought me my first electric guitar for my birthday. Wow! was not expecting that. I have already probably
six hours of practicing with the track, since I opened your e-mail. My wife’s ears are hurting more than my fingers. Lol.
Thanks for the fun!

tommy - October 10, 2013 Reply

Jam tracks are fun and educational. Been playing for over 50 yrs and still can learn things from these tracks

Nick Tatumn - October 11, 2013 Reply

Sorry I missed this one but I was laid up in the hospital having a repair done to a total hip replacement that was done 16 months ago. And they said it would last 20 or 30 years yeah dog years. Any way a great jam track and the F# thing well I know for a fact Clapton goes there quite a bit when soloing. Well thanks for this great track to work with it’s a lot more dependable then mast of the people I have jammed with. Rock On! - October 13, 2013 Reply

Hi John:slow monday is really nice can’t afford the rest right now hopefully later.Tim Rider

Jay Silverberg - August 24, 2014 Reply

Thank you. If you are a believer then I say GOD bless you.
Jay, Rock Nurse

John Campbell - February 2, 2015 Reply

great track Bob thank you i,ll get a lot of practice in supperb. chears!!

magdi - June 17, 2015 Reply

thank you

pekhlua - March 22, 2016 Reply

I need another jam track

Gilbert Yearwood - April 20, 2016 Reply

Hello! This is Gilbert how are you to day? I would like to try your free jam track to see if it would be helpful, to me if it works then I would purchase some of jam tracks. Thank you.

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