Following The Chords 1/2

The chord progression we're working with today is one bar each of Bm, G, D, and A. 

If you've got any questions about the lesson, use the comments below and I'll do my best to help!

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Danny Ogertsk - November 20, 2019 Reply

I love that lick over the last bar.

Melvin Schofield - November 21, 2019 Reply

Nice! I find I like to slide down from the B at the 5th string, 12th fret to the G at the 8th fret to finish the bar.

James C Vaughn - November 21, 2019 Reply

Hey Jonathan! Thank You for sharing your talents and time, all of which are helping me in my recovery from surgery. After many months, just now able to play again….feels like walking out of a musical desert into an oasis! Refreshing man!! Be blessed bro - November 22, 2019 Reply

Great lesson JB! That little riff you did at the 1:50-1:54 was beautiful. This is so helpful to have in conjunction with learning and using Triads for chord solos. I’ll be on lesson 2 as soon as I absorb this lesson. Thank you for making this video! - November 22, 2019 Reply

Loved the lesson Jonathan!!!
Thanks for taking the time to make this video!!!

David Henry - March 28, 2022 Reply

6415 in D. GREAT progression! - January 16, 2024 Reply

Thank you for explaining how to utilize the individual notes of the triad Jonathan!

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