Following The Chords Testimonials



I've purchased most of your courses and have found them invaluable. I've advanced my guitar playing ability from Learner through to Intermediate. Although I don't play in a band, I jam regularly with friends and they have noticed the improvement particularly with my soloing.

Thanks so much to you for your highly instructional courses and jam tracks.

Chris Katene

“I've learned a lot about the guitar”


Your lessons have helped me learn a lot about the guitar, and how it works. I do not consider myself your average guitar player. I am retired and am 75 years old. This is my hobby, I started playing at 18. At 62 I started playing 2hrs. a day that was in 2009. I have my 10,000 hrs. in and still love learning about the instrument - it is a life long endeavor. I have enjoyed all your courses.

Michael Shattuck

“Wow! I'm in wonderful new territory with my playing!”


I am studying Dynamic Rhythm Guitar, Tasty Riffs and Solos and Following the Chords. All excellent courses. My key learning has been the major and relative minor relationship. Suddenly the modes, the caged system , the scales all fit together logically. Wow! I’m in wonderful new territory with my playing.

Thanks for the excellent teaching!

Rick Lee

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