Do You Truly Understand
Why Certain Chords Work Together?

Learn How This Simple Guitar Theory Can Transform Your Guitar Playing

Only one answer in the quiz is correct, and that is:

b) A, D, and E. But why?

A, D, and E are the first (I), fourth (IV), and fifth (V) chords in the key of A, so they belong together like peas in a pod.

The concept of I, IV, and V is so foundational to the guitar, that it not only tells you which chords work together, but it also tells you how to build a scale, and even which scale to use for solos!

The Free Guitar Theory Foundation Course

I've put together a short Foundation Course on Guitar Theory, which will help explain how chords work together. In addition, I've prepared a cheat sheet that shows the I IV V chords in the five most common keys you'll use on the guitar. You can use this as a handy reference if you're jamming along with others, trying to figure out a song, or even when writing your own! 

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Bonus Cheatsheet With
The Chords in 5 Common Keys

  • It reveals at a glance the chords that make up 90% of all songs you'll hear on the radio
  • Never be lost or embarrassed because you don't know which chords belong in the key
  • Print off the cheat sheet and keep it in your guitar case for quick reference

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