Finally! An Easy Way To Learn Bar Chords

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Plus, How To Turn 1 Chord into 12 Chords!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play bar chords, but only to get discouraged?

Bar chords need not be feared; in fact, once you’ve learned to play them you will quickly come to love the versatility and flexibility they provide you. A few of the benefits of using bar chords include:

  • They give you easy access to the chords that would otherwise be most difficult to play.
  • Create new sounds and textures with your guitar, broadening the range that you can play in.
  • You'll find new places to play the same chords, giving you more flexibility than before.

Get Your Free Guide To Mastering Your First Bar Chord

Bar chords work very logically on the guitar, in fact, there are some simple rules that allow us to create and use bar chords all over the fretboard. I’ve created a short guide to learning your first bar chord, which I can send you by email.

  • Learn how you can take a very simple chord you're already familiar with and turn it into 11 new chords!
  • How to move bar chords around the neck into any key you desire.
  • Helpful practice tips to get you on the path to mastering bar chords. 

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