Who Else Wants A Few Extra Cool
Guitar Riffs To Add To Their Collection?

Hi, I'm Jonathan Boettcher, and I'll get right to the point - sometimes guitar players just want to learn a few more licks, and that's precisely why I created this short guitar course. At the heart of this 50 minute course are five cool riffs from the key of G major, designed to be able to slip cleanly into open-chord rhythm playing. Did I say five riffs? Oops - well, there might be a few bonuses in there too!

After we learn each lick, I'll demonstrate for you how it sounds in a simple rhythm progression, then I'll play the rhythm for a few loops, and give you an opportunity to practice slipping that riff in where it belongs. I'll play the rhythm - you play the riffs!

Why The Key of G?

With such a small course (it’s just 50 minutes), it makes a lot more sense to keep the focus pretty tight. So, I chose the key of G major, because it is one of the most common keys that guitar players use. Everyone knows some songs in G, and having some great fit-into-any-song riffs to add into your playing is always useful.

These riffs are open riffs – meaning most of them use open notes, making them ideal for slipping into open-chord rhythm progressions. Additionally, if you know a little bit about your scales, you can pretty quickly figure out how to transpose these riffs into many other keys.

Each of these riffs are one bar long, and are intended to be able to slip smoothly into your rhythm playing.

Hey Jonathan, great lesson man. It was exactly what I needed, as I'm at that point of slipping riffs into anything I can, while being able to get the timing spot on. Thanks. 

Dave Crane

Colorado, USA

Questions & Answers

Q. What level of guitar player are these riffs designed for?

A. Intermediate. You'll need some experience on the guitar already, in order to be able to put these to immediate use. That said, if you're a keen learner, I'll not stand in the way by slapping labels and restrictions on you!

Q. Are these riffs best for acoustic, or electric?

A. They work great for both types of guitars. I deliberately taught the riffs on an acoustic, because from a difficulty perspective, anything you can play on an acoustic is easily played on an electric. In terms of style - it's up to you to fit these into the music of your choice.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for a great lesson, it's clear & precise. A lesson like this would have cost a lot more with a teacher live and I can repeat yours any time. THANKS.

I have gained greatly from lessons I have bought from you. This has put a new perspective on my practice. Trying to copy everything is not easy in my senior years as my memory is not so good. If I can get used to being creative, expanding my playing would be a lot easier.

Clive Farthing

Great Britain

Tabs & Diagrams Included

Three different scale patterns are briefly covered in this course, and while all the diagrams are included directly on-screen in the video, they are also available to download in a PDF, in case you want to print them out for later reference. This also applies to the riffs themselves of course!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All my guitar lessons come fully backed by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like the lesson, just let me know, and we'll give you a full refund, less shipping. No Weasel Clauses! 

Jonathan - I love how you incorporate the music theory lesson behind what goes into the riffs instead of just showing a bunch of rote patterns and then saying just do this. Great mini-lesson and I would love to see more of these. 

Allen Hobson

Virginia, USA

Jonathan... this is just a great course for quickly sprucing up one's guitar playing, especially if you primarily play an acoustic. Your friendly and down-to-earth teaching style is also very refreshing in contrast to many know-it-alls who are all flash but can't teach anything!

Steve Johnson

Ontario, Canada

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