Discover The Essential Scale Patterns That Will Catapult Your Guitar Playing To New Heights

Have you ever wondered how the great guitar players like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others seem to pull off amazing guitar solos without breaking a sweat?

How they absolutely dominate the fretboard, shredding up and down and every direction with careless abandon...? Well, there is a simple reason for that, and I can teach you.

Hi, my name is Jonathan Boettcher, and I assure you that the pros do not think hard about every single note...

Let Me Tell You Their Secret

They work off scale patterns rather than individual notes!

If they had to think about every single note they played, you'd see smoke coming out of their ears onstage!

The truth is, once you've learned a guitar scale pattern, you will no longer need to think about individual notes. Your brain kicks into a whole new dimension, and things that you previously had to agonize over now become as automatic as brushing your teeth. You'll be able to compose new riffs and solos on the spot...

A Perfect Example...

Let's play "I Spy With My Little Eye" for a moment. I tell you that the thing I'm looking at has a door, some windows, a garage, a roof, and a chimney.

Immediately you know I'm talking about a house right?

That's because you know what a house 'pattern' looks like!

I know... 'house pattern' sounds pretty weird. But I could have just as easily have told you only that I'm looking at a house, and you would intuitively have known that it had a door, windows, roof, etc.

That's because you're familiar with the overall concept of a house, so I don't even need to talk about the facts of the house!

Now, before you think I'm totally off topic, let's get back to the guitar...

There Are Patterns All Over The Fretboard

The good news for us guitar players is that there are scale patterns all over the guitar. By mastering those patterns we can learn a whole chunk of notes all at once, rather than one at a time. In my playing, I mostly use only three main scale patterns that let me cover the entire guitar neck.

Then, I take it a step further, and use a few connecting scale patterns to make them all flow together into one seamless solo.

Are there more patterns than this? Of course. There are probably hundreds of patterns on the guitar, and I don't know of anyone that has completely categorized every single one. But these ones that I use and teach give me full access to the guitar, with minimal memorization.

Sound complicated yet? It's not!

Eliminate Loads of Complicated Theory In One Fell Swoop!

I first picked up a guitar nearly 20 years ago. However, personally I found that my guitar playing really started taking off once I began identifying the patterns that exist on the fretboard. It takes all the complicated theory right out of the equation!

Does that mean you don't need theory? Of course not! Theory is critical to your guitar playing. But I've found that by relating to theory in terms of patterns, my brain is able to act on information far faster and more accurately than if I only think about the theory.

As I began to recognize the power of these guitar scale patterns, I began looking at them more closely, and to my great satisfaction, as I identified more patterns on the fretboard (and practiced them), my playing took off to a whole new level!

The Cold Hard Truth

Most beginner to intermediate guitar players that I've met have been trained, intentionally or otherwise, to be glorified jukeboxes. Yeah, I know, that's going to get a lot of people hot under their collars, but it's the truth.

What do I mean by that? Simply that many guitarists have a small arsenal of guitar licks and tricks that sound really cool, but at the end of the day they don't have any understanding of WHY those licks and tricks work, and why they sound so cool. As a result, they have trouble adapting them to different situations and styles of playing. This type of player usually knows quite a few songs, and can play them pretty well... and perhaps you find yourself in this position too... but they long for a deeper understanding of their guitar. They long to be able to get creative on their own, and come up with their own licks, riffs, and melodies!

The simple fact is, most guitar players could use a basic theory lesson or two!

It Took Me Years To Discover The
Guitar Scale Patterns That Most People Miss...

But I'd Like To Give You A Crash Course
On Mastering Your Fretboard In A Single Evening...

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by promising that after watching my lesson you'll suddenly begin riffing-out like Eric Clapton while sleep-walking around the house in your pajamas. Or find yourself partying like a rock star after watching 20 minutes of my lessons. That would just be silly - it takes hard work to truly master your guitar. BUT - I believe that fretboard mastery is within reach of anyone with a working set of fingers and the willingness to learn.

If you can master just one of the simplest patterns that I will show you, I guarantee that you will begin to see a marked difference in your playing ability.

If you're ready to break out of the mold, and learn how to truly play anywhere you want on the fretboard - in any key - then the lesson on guitar scale patterns that I've recorded was created with you in mind.

You see, knowing the power of this pattern-based approach to learning the fretboard, I decided to create a guitar lesson to share these golden nuggets of guitar goodness. This knowledge is so powerful, I really believe this can be the key that unlocks your ability to play anywhere you want on the guitar...

  • You will always know where you are on the guitar... quickly sliding around the fretboard, easily adding your own licks and embellishments.
  • Amaze your friends or jam buddies with how fluidly you can cover the entire guitar neck in a solo.
  • You'll be able to casually join in with any song you hear on the radio or CD, playing with ease as you find the right key and begin soloing over top

"Helped me a lot in understanding the fretboard"

Guitar Scale Patterns has really helped me a lot in understanding the fretboard on my 3 guitars. I have played guitar for 30 plus years and the patterns have really helped me understand more about playing guitar in the 2 weeks since I've had your video, and understanding more on guitar theory.

Tim Holder New Mexico, USA

Tim Holder New Mexico, USA

Tim Holder New Mexico, USA

Picture Yourself:

  • Knowing all relevant notes on the guitar in any given key
  • Knowing how to play all of those notes fluidly, in easy-to-remember patterns
  • Instinctively knowing how to choose where on the neck you should solo
  • Connecting scale patterns together, creating your own scales and runs on the fly
  • Soloing across the whole fretboard, freely moving up and down as you please

It's Like Playing Connect The Dots

If you can play 'Connect The Dots' then chances are you have what it takes to be a great guitar player. 😜

Seriously though - I've condensed the most essential guitar scale patterns into a handful of handy cheat sheets, all color coded so that you can see the patterns at a glance, and how they relate to the bigger picture.

These bonus cheat sheets will give you a visual representation of the fretboard. Print them off and keep them in your guitar case

  • CHEAT SHEET: Connecting scale starting from the major position
  • CHEAT SHEET: Connecting scale starting from the minor position
  • CHEAT SHEET: Entire fretboard in the key of A, with the main box patterns labeled
  • CHEAT SHEET: Entire fretboard in the key of E, with the main box patterns labeled

In addition, at the end of the video training, I give close up video examples of how each pattern is played so you can be sure your practicing is on target. These short videos are the perfect companion for the Cheat Sheets.

You'll Discover Patterns For:

  • How to build a scale that covers the entire fretboard
  • Three main scale patterns every guitar player needs to master the fretboard
  • Two connecting scale patterns
  • The essential 'chess move' patterns for fourths, fifths, and octaves
  • Small major and minor patterns that repeat themselves over and over

Ideas will open up before you like never before, as the theory and patterns all of a sudden start to make sense of all the other things you've learned previously.

What 'Guitar Scale Patterns' Is Not:

  • It is not a complete 'learn to play guitar' course. It is a 122 minute lesson on guitar scale patterns.
  • It does not teach chords
  • It does not teach songs
  • It does not teach you riffs or licks (though you'll pickup a few if you watch close)
  • It will not magically turn you into a 'guitar god' - that takes lots of practice

"Old dogs can be taught new tricks"

Hi Jonathan - well, it took me a while but I finally made it thru both of your DVDs, “Unlocking I - IV - V, and Guitar Scale Patterns. I have been playing for over 40 years, and am something of an accomplished finger picker (Chet Atkins style) and while my favorite is country, I also enjoy playing some of the classical pieces by people like Mendelssohn, or Schubert, and to be honest I wasn’t certain I could learn much from a beginners course, but I felt it was worth a try.

Actually, I was wrong.

Old dogs can be taught new tricks, IF they are willing to admit they don’t know everything.

Having spent several hours with your material I was very pleased, and found quite a few tips which I’m sure will be helpful. In my opinion the good thing about your course is that it will help the raw beginner as well as the experienced player, especially with your emphasis on scales.

Chuck Kiger Florida, USA

Are You Ready To TRULY Unlock Your Fretboard?

The Guitar Scale Patterns course will give you a single, unified way of approaching the fretboard. You will learn patterns that allow you to play in any musical key you wish. You will discover how to move patterns, connect one to another, and even how to build your own connecting sequences. You will never look at your fretboard the same way again!

Let's Get Started!

Make your guitar playing more interesting, dynamic, and musical!

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Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing

Are you ready to finally discover the secret to how the fretboard works? To watch that seed grow and spread throughout every aspect of your guitar playing, affecting and improving every note you play?

Let's work together to take your guitar playing to new heights!

"Actually sound half decent now!"

Hi mate, I have received the DVDs (I bought both I, IV, V and scale patterns), both have been extremely helpful. I have played guitar for about 7-8 years but had always been happy to just bang out the pub's favorite tunes playing rhythm.

I knew the basic pentatonic scale but wasn't interested in playing lead - to be honest the fret board was a bit too intimidating. That has all now changed. I "get" the fret board and for the first time I really appreciate how cool an instrument the guitar really is!

When watching your DVD I thought I knew pretty much everything you were talking about but listened anyway. What I learned was that I didn't actually know it - I'd heard others talk about it and thought I knew. Now I can join in the conversation and more importantly I can join in the jam!!!

Yesterday my wife (a singer) came into the living room and said "you actually sound half decent now!"

Simply awesome! Thanks heaps.

Steve Hinks NSW, Australia

"Improving faster than I ever thought possible"

I have been struggling with the theory aspect of guitar for almost 40 years now.

For the first time in my life, I am starting to make sense of the scales, chords, modes, intervals and how they all relate to one another and work together to make music a fun and enjoyable experience once again.

I have never considered myself to be a person of inferior intelligence, but the confusion that I had with these concepts has led to an endless amount of frustration on my part.

Thank you for taking the time to put this together, and explain it in a way that the average person can understand.

For the first time in my life, every aspect of my playing is improving faster than I ever thought was possible.

Dave Wedra South Carolina, USA