11 Guitar Scale Patterns Revealed On A Single Cheat Sheet!

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Guitar Scales ARE Patterns!

Some people take a very factual approach to their guitar fretboard, trying to learn every note in the same way you might try to learn the alphabet. The downside to this method is that it depends greatly on pure memorization, and can take a long time.

In contrast, when you begin to see the guitar scales as PATTERNS that are present on your fretboard, then you can quickly eliminate 67% of the memorization required! In addition, guitar scale patterns give your fingers something that they can practice over and over, in order to become very fast and fluid in your playing.

The power of this approach is that the lead guitar scales and patterns can be applied all over the guitar neck, so once your fingers are familiar with a pattern, you can very easily move it (transpose) at will to wherever you need it. Talk about a more efficient approach to the guitar!

I’ve put together a helpful Quick Start Guide to Guitar Scales to help you get started, which I can email to you in minutes.

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From this Quick Start Guide, you will learn:

  • Three separate ‘box patterns’ – these guitar scale patterns show you the fingering you need to allow you to play effortlessly in tight areas on the neck, or across the whole fretboard – at will!
  • One pattern that offers the fastest way to learn ALL the note names on the guitar, all while eliminating 67% of the memorizing!
  • Scale patterns for each string on the guitar – when you look at the patterns from this level everything starts fitting together and making much more sense!

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Scale Patterns Allow You To Play:

  • Faster than you previously found possible
  • More efficiently and precisely than before
  • More creative solos, while easily staying in key

Part of the beauty of using patterns is that you always have something to fall back on if you wander out into unfamiliar territory during a solo. You’ll learn where the ‘safe’ notes are, and you can use those to your advantage all day long.

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