Does Learning Guitar Ever Feel Like
"Monkey See, Monkey Do?"

Discover How This Simple Guitar Theory Can Transform Your Guitar Playing

Monkeys can learn cool tricks, but they don’t know why!

Have you ever felt like you’re learning things on the guitar, without a clue why those things work, or why your fingers need to be placed in a certain spot?

Learning musical theory is the key to progressing as a guitar player. If I told you I knew a mechanic who had a great set of tools, but that he didn’t understand how an engine works, would you let him touch your car? Probably not!

Understanding the mechanics of music is just as important. Too many guitar teachers give you what to play (more tools) but don’t show you how it all works.

Here’s the REAL TRUTH that all the song-teaching guitar gurus out there don’t want you to know…

  • It IS possible to learn WHY things work on the guitar... and it's not hard!
  • With a little bit of basic guitar theory, you can be figuring out how to play songs on your own, in minutes!
  • The same system used by pro guitarists (called the Nashville Numbering System) lets you easily figure out all the chords in any key.

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