Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos Testimonials

“My Playing Has Improved Greatly!”


My playing has improved greatly since I began your lessons. I am enrolled in several courses and alternate as the mood strikes me. Most push me and require a lot of time and work, but that's good. I also do my own thing on occasion, which eats away at the clock. I'm retired so that's okay. My favorites, so far, are the Unlocking I-IV-V and the Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos. Both are packed with good stuff. On your recommendation, I will probably take on the Riff Ninja Guitar School too.

Ron Barrick

“Really Enjoying This Course”


Hi Jonathan, I'm really enjoying this course and getting a lot out of it, especially finding where notes are on the keyboard. But I am only on the second part as I am taking it slowly and going back on parts while studying my course guide. Many thanks.

Neville Horne

“Head And Shoulders Over The Rest”


I have spent a small fortune on guitar lesson on the internet. Downloads, DVD's, PDF course books - you name it and I've acquired it. All a waste of time - thin on content, poor delivery and inferior documentation.

Not now since I found JB's web site and lessons. Have downloaded three courses to date and they stand head and shoulders over the rest.

Jonathan has clearly put a lot of time in pre-planning the lessons, course books and video presentation - and it shows.

David Hunter

“Learning the fretboard in a more musical way”


Secrets of TR&S. I have only managed to get through the first half of the book due to my unfocused practice schedule. The reviews of scales and I-IV-V were helpful but my favorite part so far is the coverage of thirds. It is helping my learn the fretboard in a more musical way than just practicing scales. Thanks for this.

Michael Watts

“The Application Of Theory Is Useful”


Your explanation and application of theory is useful but takes time to understand and apply.



“It all makes so much sense now”


Thanks very much for the 4 tips, and for putting this whole course together! I’ve now been through the whole course once and, as you say below, I do plan to go through it at least once more. The course is really well done and has been very helpful to me. I’ve heard these sorts of riffs/fills/lines/solos before (as you’ve mentioned, they’re in lots of songs!) and I always thought they sounded great, but I never really thought through how to play them. How did those guitar players know what pairs of notes would sound good? It was a bit of a mystery to me…

After seeing your “Tasty Riffs and Solos” course, it all makes so much sense now. Thank you for introducing me to this world – this is something that I have started using already and will definitely continue to use in the future!

Carlisle Adams

“I have not stopped thinking of ideas for thirds”


I very much enjoyed this course. Basically I have found it an exploration of my fret board and as such, extremely useful. Often at work I have thought about trying different ideas with thirds until I can get home to try them out. So yes I have found this course very enjoyable and have not stopped thinking of ideas for thirds and also how they can fit into scale patterns. Many thanks.

Neville Horne

“This is taking me on to a new stage in my playing”


Jonathan, this is an exceptionally helpful lesson. It really feels that this is taking me on to a new stage in my playing. So much to learn and rehearse, but you have explained the theory in a brilliant way. Many thanks.

Peter Dale

“An exceptionally helpful lesson”


Jonathan, this is an exceptionally helpful lesson. It really feels that this is taking me onto a new stage in my playing. So much to learn and rehearse, but you have explained the theory in a brilliant way. Many thanks. Peter, Sussex, UK

Peter Dale

“Broader expression in my playing”


I had avoided hybrid picking but now find it simplifies (accuracy) my playing. I have yet to get thru entire course. Repeated viewings bring out more and more. Opened my eyes to broader expression in my playing.

Tasty Licks

Thank you

Martyn Loud

“A lightbulb went on...”


I have purchased several of your courses and I am just getting started on Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos. A lightbulb went on and I pulled out the TAB on one of my favorite acoustic songs, Operator, by Jim Croce. I have studied the accompanied guitar part by Maury Muehleisen and could not figure out how he came up with such beautiful fills until now. He is playing thirds and like your intro part of the course, in the key of G.

I believe what you say about how "tasty" these can sound as I have always loved the guitar on that song and now I know why!


Craig C

“Thanks for your best series ever”


Just wanted you to know that I just finished some "head" work laying out thirds in the key of A. The sheet I had handy already had previous work on charting the A major pentatonic. So, I used that and kept going.

I did 2 sets of thirds, one on the third string and another along the 4th string.

Then I grabbed my acoustic and just let it rip. I messed with the pentatonic and then layered in some - as you say - tasty thirds and some transition runs.

What a hoot. No very good yet but what an improvement.

Thanks for your best series ever.

John Yates

“Helped me greatly!”


I have two courses, Tasty Riffs, and Slow A Solo. Both have help me greatly. You teaching method is very easy to understand I especially like that you added the copy cat portion.

Keep up the good work.

Phil Bue

“Different Voicings Are Great!”


Learning where different voicings of the same chord can be played has been great. Many years ago I just copied how the chords were played - all cowboy chords. But then I decided I wanted to know how they were built and worked which I find very interesting.


“I've improved my use of triads while soloing”


I've improved my use of triads while soloing AND different ways to use them (i.e. relative major/minor, 3rds, 6ths, skipped strings in between, etc).

The last 28 minutes of video 2 of this 5-video series was one of the most coolest things I've seen, where you play the progression of Am, F, Dm/Em, Am, and the different ways you use triads. I love your courses - have learned so much. Thanks!

Ameena Elmore

“Wow! I'm in wonderful new territory with my playing!”


I am studying Dynamic Rhythm Guitar, Tasty Riffs and Solos and Following the Chords. All excellent courses. My key learning has been the major and relative minor relationship. Suddenly the modes, the caged system , the scales all fit together logically. Wow! I’m in wonderful new territory with my playing.

Thanks for the excellent teaching!

Rick Lee

“I've learned a lot about the guitar”


Your lessons have helped me learn a lot about the guitar, and how it works. I do not consider myself your average guitar player. I am retired and am 75 years old. This is my hobby, I started playing at 18. At 62 I started playing 2hrs. a day that was in 2009. I have my 10,000 hrs. in and still love learning about the instrument - it is a life long endeavor. I have enjoyed all your courses.

Michael Shattuck

“I'm Getting True Progress and Results!”


The courses are well organized and easy for me to follow along. I get true progress and results which helps me keep motivated and looking forward to the next session.

I have purchased most all of them and get great results from each of them.

Thank you

Gerald Kingery



I've purchased most of your courses and have found them invaluable. I've advanced my guitar playing ability from Learner through to Intermediate. Although I don't play in a band, I jam regularly with friends and they have noticed the improvement particularly with my soloing.

Thanks so much to you for your highly instructional courses and jam tracks.

Chris Katene

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