Exercise: Chord Charts

Here’s an excellent exercise to help you develop your practical theory skills. Pick five (or fifty!) songs that you play, or that you like, and go through the chord charts writing in the numerals above the chord names.

If you don’t have any chord charts, there are thousands readily available online; just Google it! (I can’t re-print chord charts here due to copyright limitations).

You will probably have to write out the scale and chords for the key before you start, to create an index of sorts for yourself; or you can refer back to your Major Scales Worksheet from earlier in the course. 

The point of this is to really help you develop the ability to think in parallel; using both letters and numbers for the chords. Let me know in the comments below what song you're working on! 

If you're really having a hard time finding songs to work on, I have created a simple worksheet to help you out. There are four songs on it, with no lyrics and no information beyond the chord progressions; which is find in this case, because the goal is not to play the songs but to practice working with the chords. 

So I still recommend working on songs that you're familiar with, but if you're stuck for that, you can use this worksheet as well - just write the chord numbers in beside each chord on the page. 

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