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A Minor Jam Track

E Minor Jam Track

In this course we’ve really focused on Box 1 of the pentatonic minor pattern, with only the odd detour talking about other areas. This was by design, so we could really focus on how to make musical sounding solos with a simple pattern. However, you will not want to confine yourself to a single pattern forever!

We’re going to look at one last riff here, and then discuss how it can be moved elsewhere on the fretboard, so as to really multiply its usefulness.

Although I did not include them on the video for you, I have tabbed out all the variations of this riff, and included them down below. I highly encourage you to take one (or all!) of the riffs we’ve covered in this course, and follow this same process with it, on your own. I guarantee you’ll learn something by doing so!

Here’s the original:

Second location:

And another…

You’re not getting tired are you? We’re just getting warmed up!

And another…

Yet another… (I actually missed this one in the video)

Why stop now?

Last one!

That’s a total of EIGHT locations to play this same riff, including the original! Imagine if you took the time to follow this process with all your favorite riffs – how much more useful would they all become to you?!

In the course book I included the five pentatonic box patterns as a little bonus – if those would be helpful for you, make sure you check that out!

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Jerry Persall - August 2, 2020 Reply

Well conceived and executed! Great idea to laser focus on Box 1 with flatted fifth. Had fun and learned by doing tons. Thanks for making it available. Moving on now to Slow Blues Solo in “A”. See you there!

    Jonathan Boettcher - August 4, 2020 Reply

    Hey Jerry, congratulations on finishing the course! And thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it, and I’m happy you were able to learn from the course!

Phillip Bue - August 19, 2020 Reply

I thought this course was great. It was just what I needed got a lot out of it. The way you consistently explained the riff patterns great. The play along were great I have several of you course. This was perfect for me. Do more like this one. Only problem the play along for different 4 to 10. Only show you teaching riff 10 again. If you every correct that. I would like to know. I get a lot out of the multiple riff play alongs. I order DVD to do maybe it is corrected on DVD

    Jonathan Boettcher - August 19, 2020 Reply

    Hey Phillip, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate that! When you say to do more courses like this one, do you mean focusing on Box 1 in particular, or more the general approach of teaching riffs and going through them like this?

    For the copycat combo video – thanks for pointing that out. I mistakenly copied the wrong video link in there, and I’ve just fixed it now. You can find the corrected video here:


Leonard Walt - April 17, 2022 Reply

excellent course. learned a ton.

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