Riff 13

A Minor Jam Track

E Minor Jam Track

There are different ways of thinking about what the basic idea of a riff is. It could be technique based, as is the case in Riff 8. It could be pattern based, like the bonus switchback run. It could be note based, like some of the flatted fifth riffs. Or it could be melody based, or rhythm based. This one is helpful to think about from a melody perspective, and yet even while playing the exact same notes, how can you change up the feel of the riff by playing them differently?

Try pre-bending the first note, or sliding down from it. Try picking it, or pulling off. Or, start below it, slide in quickly and slide back out just as fast.

The point is, we’re first bending a semitone, then full tone after. How many different ways can you think of to play this same idea?

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