A Minor Jam Track

E Minor Jam Track

This riff is another of those simple ideas that can be translated into a lot of different situations. Once you learn the basic efficient picking and pull off movement, you can apply this to just about any combination of notes in any scale pattern.

Bonus Switchback Run

One of the variations I played in the video inspired me to show you a switchback run that I’ve come to really love and use often in my solos. If the sound of that switchback appeals to you, you can run a long ways with it. I encourage you to do some homework and go apply this same pattern to other scale patterns you know as well. It’s one that needs to be practiced in every position, if you want it to be a fluid part of your playing.

In the tab below I included finger numbers, mostly because initially it might be confusing how to play this. The very simple rule of thumb here though, is to simply use the one finger per fret rule – there are no tricks, beyond the need to use the “fat finger” approach we talked about in the video, which really is the key to the whole thing.

Practice this both descending and ascending!

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