Melodic Themes

A Minor Jam Track

E Minor Jam Track

They say the best melodies are easily remembered. If you can hum, sing or whistle it, you’re on to something. When I’m improvising in a solo, I try to find a very small phrase that I can work with, adding little alterations each time. The exact length of the phrase will vary depending on the song, but it could be only one or two bars long. Every time you play it, mix it up a little bit, and then on the last time, use it to lead into a big riff!

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Melvin Schofield - August 16, 2021 Reply

This idea of the psychology of listening to music, with the notion of creating anticipation with repeated themes, really makes sense. Having reached this point in the course, and building on I IV V, Scale Patterns and Following the Chords, I am reaching the point where my solos are beginning to flow satisfyingly over the chords in the jam track, and I am starting to land intuitively on the root notes when the chords change. So nice! And this idea of repeated melodic themes is the icing on the cake.

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