A Minor Jam Track

E Minor Jam Track

This riff is really just working with a small chunk of the scale, but we’re throwing in a quarter tone bend for some character. We’ll be using this kind of bend quite a bit in the course, so take the time to really develop a feel for it. Don’t feel like you need to rush this, take your time on the bend and let it sing!

I couldn’t resist throwing in a little bonus scale pattern for you, because this one is so incredibly useful! I know, the course is called Box 1 Blues, and here we are taking a detour and we’re only on the first lick! We really are going to restrict ourselves to that pattern in this course. But this pattern gives you a lower extension as well as an upper extension on that Box 1 pattern, which gives you access to an extra octave as well as more frets. If it is new to you, it’s really worth spending some time on!

Root notes are marked in red, so now you know how to move this pattern around like the others. Additionally, you can see where the rest of the notes from Box 1 would normally be, indicated by the hollow circles.

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Jerry Persall - July 30, 2020 Reply

Fun exercise!!!

John Bailey - August 5, 2020 Reply

so much fun with the jam tracks ,if i can learn to improvise and jam on that for hours I will be rapted .

Maybe this is the secret to take your musicianship to another level that is so commonly talk about. Learning songs is great , but playing something that you have just created is music to the soul.

    Jonathan Boettcher - August 6, 2020 Reply

    Hi John – I agree! Exercising your own personal creativity is incredibly rewarding!

DAVID KING - August 7, 2020 Reply

Excellent Jonathan, getting into my “gettin’ it off my grumpy 64 year old shoulder blues!!” Love the melodic feel of the copycat rhythm!

Watch out there… even managed to set up a jam practice with a Robert Johnson influenced geetar player (heard him in a post lockdown session in a pub garden last Sunday) about 12 miles from my house in his music room next week ….. as the guy above said … raptures … possible euphoria!

    Jonathan Boettcher - August 7, 2020 Reply

    Awesome! That’s what I like to hear! Keep on jammin’ those blues!

LACIE TAYLOR - December 2, 2020 Reply

so fun!!! I heart copycat.

Denis Wignell - December 18, 2021 Reply

Off to a good start, the format works for me! I love the jam track options.

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