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DRG 14 Applying Thirds

This is the last section in the course, and we’re going to try to your strumming yet another step forward by adding some extra percussive elements to it. These sound really great, especially when you’re the only guitar playing!

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DRG 13 All About Thirds

This section on thirds has so much untapped potential – if you can really get the concepts into your head, you can take them much, much further than I was able to in this short lesson. We’re going to look at thirds and how they’re found and used all over the fretboard.

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DRG 12 Advanced Picking & Strumming 2

In this section we’re going to take some of the strumming, picking and hybrid picking techniques that we’ve been learning in previous sections, and roll them together to create some more interesting rhythmic combinations.

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DRG 11 Half Bar Riffs

In this section we’re going to have a look at half bar riffs, and work on slipping those into the second half of each bar of the progression. In the fourth bar of the progression, you get a chance to play whatever you want for the full bar, plus the last two beats of the 3rd bar, for a total of a six-beat riff. Go nuts! The Rubber Room sessions are found at the very end of the video.

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DRG 09 Chord Progressions

In this section we’re going to apply some of the theory we’ve learned to chord progressions and look at a few examples of 12 bar progressions and how they can be modified.

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In response to Paul’s question (below), here’s some tab for the strum pattern used at 33:25. 

DRG 08 Full Bar Riffs

In this section we’re going to focus on adding a one-bar riff in at the end of a simple 4-bar chord progression. The “Rubber Rooms” have been included at the end of this video, as well as the drum tracks. The same drum tracks are also below, if that is easier to work with. Useful Resources:

DRG 07 Scales For Any Key

In this section we’re going to look at how we can apply guitar theory to find scale patterns to use all over the fretboard. This section will set you up with a really solid understanding of the fretboard, a strong foundation that will take you beyond the point where this course stops. You can apply these scales to soloing and everything else you can imagine.

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DRG 05 Chord Modifications 2

In this section we’re going to work look at a lot of different chord modifications. This theory becomes hugely helpful later on when you want to look for simple yet beautiful ways to spice up the chords you’re playing, or to add more dynamics.