Secrets Of Tasty Riffs & Solos – Using Triads For Tasty Accents

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Tired Of Bland, Tasteless Solos
That All Sound The Same?

Many guitar players have expressed to me that they feel like there's this huge block between what they hear inside, and what they're able to play. Whenever they go to solo, the same old notes and sounds come out, regardless of what song they're playing.

They feel stunted, blocked, and discouraged.

In short, they're looking for a way out of the rut they find themselves in... a way back to the land of creativity and free expression on their guitar.

And what they're really looking for is a way to add some real zest and spice to their playing, to find ways of coming up with interesting and well, "tasty" things to play.

"Tasty" guitar playing isn't necessarily fast, it's probably not flashy, and it certainly isn't dependent on the type of music you're playing. Instead, "tasty" guitar playing is the kind of thing that when people hear you pull off a tasty lick, they think "Mmm yeah! That really hit the spot!"

The reason why it sounds so delicious is that it really did "hit the spot" musically speaking. In other words, the notes in the riff were laser-targeted to harmonize perfectly with the chord being played in the progression at that exact moment. There's nothing left to chance; this is a deliberate, highly creative style of playing, and let me tell you...

It is incredibly fun and satisfying to pull off a tasty lick or solo!

When I started applying these principles to my own guitar playing, I started getting comments from other guys in the band, like "Man, whatever you were playing on that last song was really tasty!" Ultimately, those comments are what inspired the name of this course, Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos.

It's not that they didn't like my playing before... but they sure seemed to like it a lot more when I began applying the principles I'm about to share with you!