Open Riffs in G Testimonials

“Clive Farthing”


Hi Jonathan, thanks for a great lesson, it's clear & precise. A lesson like this would have cost a lot more with a teacher live and I can repeat yours any time. THANKS.

I have gained greatly from lessons I have bought from you. This has put a new perspective on my practice. Trying to copy everything is not easy in my senior years as my memory is not so good. If I can get used to being creative, expanding my playing would be a lot easier.

Clive Farthing

“I'm Getting True Progress and Results!”


The courses are well organized and easy for me to follow along. I get true progress and results which helps me keep motivated and looking forward to the next session.

I have purchased most all of them and get great results from each of them.

Thank you

Gerald Kingery

“Perry Aabo”


I have looked at many online "learn Guitar Over-night" courses and have to say that the courses offered at are very well laid out, easy to follow, and relevant to the material at hand. I have purchase most of the coursed offered and find them worth the money and time investment. Thank you!

Perry Aabo

“Melvin Slater”


These are really good lessons.

Very well explained

Melvin Slater

“Steve Johnson”


Jonathan... this is just a great course for quickly sprucing up one's guitar playing, especially if you primarily play an acoustic... your friendly and down to earth teaching style is also very refreshing in contrast to many know it alls who are all flash but can't teach anything! Well done Jonathan... are you planning on recording these licks as an mp3?

Steve Johnson

“Melvin Schofield”


I thought this was going to be a little too basic after the first riff. But it moved up from there to give some nice playable riffs building on the heavy lifting of the I IV V and Scale Patterns courses. Nice shirt btw!

Melvin Schofield

“Samuel J Hamilton”


Thank you, Jonathan! A wonderful lesson; as being older, I am slower and will work it to death. I love the sound of your guitar!

Samuel J Hamilton

“David Crane”


Hey Jonathan, great lesson man. It was exactly what I needed as I'm at that point of slipping riffs into anything I can while being able to get the timing spot on. Thanks.

David Crane

“Gerald Martin”


I loved your lesson on riffs - thanks!

Gerald Martin

“Douglas Allen”


Love it. Very wonderful lesson. I have a much more understanding what's going on when the greats play.

Douglas Allen

“Allen Hobson”


Jonathan - I love how you incorporate the music theory lesson behind what goes into the riffs instead of just showing a bunch of rote patterns and then saying just do this. Great mini lesson and would love to see more of these.

Allen Hobson

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