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Guitar Theory Unlocked

Guitar Theory Unlocked is designed to give you a strong foundation in music theory, as it applies to the guitar. 

As such, it could be appropriate for players of many different levels of playing ability, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. 

Beginner players will find they advance more quickly with a foundation in theory, and advanced players will experience a skill multiplication effect as their understanding empowers their fingers in new ways. 

How Is The Course Delivered?

As soon as you purchase the Guitar Theory Unlocked, you will be given a username and password for our member's area. If you are a returning customer, the course will be added to your existing account. Once you login, you will see the Member Dashboard, where all our courses can be found. 

From here it is just one click to the Guitar Theory Unlocked homepage, where you will see the full course outline. Every section has a video and a written component that goes with it. The PDF of the course book is provided, so if you wish to print this out to work through as you watch the video, you can do that. 

As you complete sections, you can mark them complete and the system will track your progress, making it easy to come back exactly where you left off. You can ask questions directly on the same page as well - in fact, I encourage you to ask as many as you want! 

The course is nearly six and a half hours in total, but is strategically broken into 28 bite-sized pieces, making it very easy to take at your own pace. In face, the average video length is just 13 minutes, making it very easy to watch a chunk, then practice it right after. 

What Devices Does It Work With?

You can access the course with anything that has an internet connection and allows you to login to our website. Phones, tables, computers, laptop - even smart TV's that allow surfing the web will work just fine. Where it's relevant, tab and even chord diagrams have been added on-screen, and there are three camera angles to ensure that you'll always have a good view of the action!

Is This Course Too Advanced FOR ME?

I've bought plenty of courses online, so I'm well familiar with the question of "is this going to be too advanced for me?" or "Is it too basic and below where I'm at?"

Guitar Theory Unlocked is really focused on your understanding of music, far more than it is focused on your playing ability. Trust me, I literally guarantee that when your musical understanding improves, your playing will follow very quickly. 

That said, this is not a "how to play guitar" course. If you don't currently play ANY guitar, then you would be better suited with a proper beginner course. 

However, if you are familiar with basic chords, you're probably at a good place to start learning how music works. 

Guitar Theory Unlocked does not assume you have any prior music theory, so regardless of where you're at, you can jump in and start making progress. 

Is This Course Too Basic FOR ME?

It's actually pretty hard to pin a course or a guitar player down to a specific skill level, like beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The reason is that those terms carry different meanings to different people. 

That said, here's an easy litmus test for you: Do you understand how keys work, how scales work, how chords work, how progressions and the number system work, how to transpose music, and how to build chords? If you can confidently answer yes to the above, then you, my friend, do not need this course. 

My ultimate answer to the skill match issue is simple: if what you see on this page resonates with you, give the course a try. If you find it is too far above or below your skill level and you're not learning anything, simply let me know and I'll give you a full refund. No hard feelings! 

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Your success with my guitar courses is completely guaranteed. In fact, my 100% Risk Free, No Weasel Clauses promise to you is that these lessons will greatly increase your ability on the guitar! 

If you aren't 100% satisfied for any reason at all in the first 60 days, simply let me know and we'll give you a fast, friendly refund. 

Jonathan Boettcher

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Are you ready to finally discover the secret to how music works, and how to apply it to your guitar? To watch that seed grow and spread throughout every aspect of your guitar playing, affecting and improving every note you play?

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