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Supercharge Your Guitar Chords And Skyrocket Your Creativity!

Dan came to me one day, having played guitar for ten years. He was frustrated - he could play dozens of songs, but they all sounded the same. 

Dan felt trapped in a steel box of "plain vanilla" chords

When he listened to other guitar players, he heard variety in their playing; melodic movement within the chord structure... 

But he had no idea how to do that for himself, and it drove him nuts! 

So he bought a chord book for guitar players... and was immediately overwhelmed by 1742 of the best chords on earth! 

It was like he wanted a nice glass of water, but he'd somehow stumbled into a firehose... 

And not a drop of that life bringing, creative potential landed where it needed to be. 

Now Dan not only felt trapped - he was also disappointed with himself. After all, he should have been able to drink from that firehose chord book, right? 

Hi, I'm Jonathan Boettcher, and I've helped thousands of guitar players make sense of their music. 

I've discovered that there is ONE THING that catapults guitar players into greater musical creativity more than anything else...

And that is giving them UNDERSTANDING about how music works, and how their guitar works. 

Discover HOW Chords Work

What's better - to give a man a fish so he can eat for a day? Or to teach him how to fish so he can feed himself for a lifetime? 

That parable applies to learning guitar as well. A lot of players just want the quick fix; give me a new chord, NOW! But in reality, the key that will truly unlock their creativity is to learn how chords work.

Once you learn the principles of how chords are constructed, you will no longer need to rely on chord charts!

The Beautiful LOGIC Of Chords

I've met so many guitar players who don't actually know WHY they play the chord shapes that they do. In other words, they don't know the notes on their fretboard, and they don't know the notes in the chords they're using, so they're left with a shape that gives them an expected result... 

And they play it when they're told to... 

True creativity is completely off the table, because there is zero understanding about what's truly happening when they put their fingers on the strings. 

In reality, every chord shape is the way it is for very specific reasons. 

Discover those reasons, and you will be empowered like never before. 

The truth is, chords are constructed, or built - just like a house is; according to a design that follows principles. Once you see the logic of how chords are constructed, you'll never be able to look at music the same way again. 

Chord Hacking 101

To help guitar players like Dan in the story above, I've created a course called Chord Hacking 101. 

If you want to truly get inside your chords and learn what makes them work, and discover how to change them to suit your own purposes, this is the course for you. 

You'll discover the secret to endless chord exploration - these are the same techniques that pro guitar players use to supercharge their creativity! You'll also learn dozens of useful chord modifications and how to create your own. 

Important Pre-Requisite

Chord Hacking 101 is intended to function as a followup module for my Guitar Theory Unlocked course (or Unlocking I IV V, which is no longer available). That course builds the essential foundation needed to understand how the scale works, how the key works, and how basic chords are built using the scale. 

Without the foundation laid by Guitar Theory Unlocked, you will lack the context to make the information in Chord Hacking 101 truly powerful for you. For this reason, I highly recommend taking Guitar Theory Unlocked first, then follow that with Chord Hacking 101. 

What's Inside?

Chord Hacking 101 is a mixture of theory and practical application. This means we'll spend a little bit of time in each section on the whiteboard, looking at the theory and mechanics of how each type of chord is constructed. Afterwards, we'll pick up the guitar and discover exactly how to apply the theory to the fretboard, thus creating chords we can use to make beautiful and interesting music. 

For each type of chord, we'll cover a range of common open chord shapes, but also barred shapes that can be moved up and down the fretboard to produce the desired chord anywhere you desire. 

  • Suspended 4 Chords: Suspended 4th chords, or sus4 chords, make music sound interesting and exciting. They create a feeling that the music is "hanging" and waiting to go somewhere. Musicians use sus4 chords to add tension and make songs feel more dramatic. They are great for creating a sense of anticipation before moving to the next chord.
  • Suspended 2 Chords: Suspended 2 chords, or sus2 chords, make music sound more interesting and fresh. They create a feeling of openness and tension, like the music is begging to move to the next chord. Musicians use sus2 chords to add a sense of excitement and anticipation to their songs.
  • Slash Chords: Slash chords are special chords that tell you which note to play in the bass. They help make the music sound smoother and more interesting. For example, instead of jumping around, the bass notes can move step by step. This creates a nice, linear and flowing sound. Musicians use slash chords to add variety and to connect different chords in a song more easily.
  • Minor 7th Chords: Minor 7th chords are special because they add a cool, jazzy sound to music. Musicians use them to make songs sound more interesting and emotional. You can use minor 7th chords to make the music feel sad or relaxed, and they fit well in many types of songs, like jazz, blues, and pop.
  • Major 7th Chords: Major 7th chords are great for making music sound smooth and relaxing. They are like regular major chords but with one extra note that adds a dreamy feeling. Musicians use major 7th chords to make songs feel peaceful and to help change from one key to another. These chords are often used in jazz and pop music to add a nice, calm sound.
  • Dominant 7th Chords: Dominant 7th chords are special chords that add a lot of color and tension to music. These chords are often used to create a strong pull back to the home chord, making the music sound more interesting and exciting. They are very common in blues and jazz music, giving songs a rich and bluesy feel. Many 12 bar blues progressions rely on dominant 7th chords to create the signature blues sound. 

How Is The Course Delivered?

As soon as you purchase Chord Hacking 101, you will be given a username and password for our member's area. If you are a returning customer, the course will be added to your existing account. Once you login, you will see the Member Dashboard, where all our courses can be found. 

From here it is just one click to the Chord Hacking 101 homepage, where you will see the full course outline. Every section has a video and a written component that goes with it. The PDF of the course supplement book is provided, so if you wish to print this out to work through as you watch the lessons, you can do that. 

As you complete sections, you can mark them complete and the system will track your progress, making it easy to come back exactly where you left off. You can ask questions directly on the same page as well - in fact, I encourage you to ask as many and as often as you want! 

The course is just over two hours in total, but is strategically broken into bite-sized pieces, making it easy to take at your own pace. In face, all of the video sections are between ten and twenty minutes, making it very easy to watch a chunk, then practice it right after. 

What Devices Does It Work With?

You can access the course with anything that has an internet connection and allows you to login to our website. Phones, tablets, computers, laptop - even smart TV's that allow surfing the web will work just fine. Where it's relevant, tab and even chord diagrams have been added on-screen, and we have plenty of camera angles to ensure that you'll always have a good view of the action!

Is This Course At My Level?

It's actually pretty hard to pin a course or a guitar player down to a specific skill level, like beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The reason is that those terms carry different meanings to different people. With that said, I've found players of all ability levels who do not understand music theory. 

Learning music theory is actually a separate skill from learning to play guitar. It's quite possible to go far in either direction without progressing in the other. However, a good understanding of theory always empowers and enables a higher level of playing, regardless of where your current ability is at. 

If you have taken my Guitar Theory Unlocked course (and you should, before this one!), then you will be familiar with the level and format of my teaching; this is the perfect next step to continue developing your understanding of theory and how it applies to the guitar. 

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Your success with my guitar courses is completely guaranteed. In fact, my 100% Risk Free, No Weasel Clauses promise to you is that these lessons will greatly increase your ability on the guitar! 

If you aren't 100% satisfied for any reason at all in the first 60 days, simply let me know and we'll give you a fast, friendly refund. 

Jonathan Boettcher

Boost Your Chord Creativity

Chord Hacking 101 is laser-focused on building your chord vocabulary, but even more importantly than simply learning new chords, you're going to discover exactly how each chord is created, and learn how to modify your chords right on the guitar. Watch your confidence and chord creativity skyrocket!

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Let’s work together to expand your chord vocabulary and creativity into entirely new dimensions than before! 

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