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Jam Tracks Are The Single Most Powerful Solo-Practicing Tool.
Are Yours Any Good?

If you want to learn how to solo, or if you want to improve your soloing, I don't know of anything more effective than using good quality jam tracks as part of your practice routine. 

It's like having a full band at your disposal... without the inevitable drama, scheduling conflicts, and pizza costs. Consider this:

  • Inspiring jam tracks actually DRAW the creativity out of you as you naturally respond to the rhythms and chord progression
  • Working with jam tracks improves your sense of timing and rhythm. 
  • Playing a solo all on your own is one thing. Nailing a sweet solo in CONTEXT of a song is completely different. For one thing, it's easier, and for another, it's much more satisfying!

If you don't have any jam tracks (or want more!) I invite you to consider this collection of 30 blues tracks I've assembled. Below, you'll find 30 second samples of each of the tracks. 

As you listen, close your eyes, and picture yourself peeling off a sweet solo over top of one of these tunes... 

Chicago Shuffle in A
Fast Swing in B flat
Funky Blues in C
Medium Shuffle in G
Medium Shuffle in A
Shuffle in G Minor
Slow Blues in A
Swing in F
Texas Swing in G
Uptempo Shuffle in E

Big Shuffle in E
Boogie in E
Chicago Blues in A
Funky Blues in G
Rhumba in A
Rock Blues Shuffle in B
Slow 8 Bar Blues in E
Slow Blues in C
Texas Swing in D
Two Feel Blues in G

Funky in G
Marching Shuffle in F
Medium Shuffle in E
One Chord Groove in G
Quick 2 Feel in A
Quick Swing in C
Rockin’ Boogie in E
Slow Blues in E
Slow Minor in D
West Coast Swing in D

In this collection, you'll find a variety of blues styles, rhythms, tempos, and keys. If you like the blues, you're in for a treat!

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