The Most Important Chords

If you’re not already familiar with what chords go in each key, then I highly recommend checking out my Unlocking I IV V course. That’s a functional bit of theory that is super practical. Regardless, in this lesson we’ll discuss the six chords you should already know – D, Em, F#m, G, A and Bm. Plus, we’ll also look at a few different ways to play C# diminished, which is a very different sounding chord that can add a lot of character to your progressions.

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As you’re going through the course, simply press the “Mark Complete” button underneath each lesson, and it will unlock the next one for you, as well as track your progress.

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Len Canter - February 19, 2024 Reply

Been playing the Eagles song “Hotel California” for the past year of two and never thought about it being in the D Scale. Just played from the music w/o thinking about associated chords & scales.

I must be learning something.

    Jonathan Boettcher - February 20, 2024 Reply

    Awesome! First stop, Hotel California.
    Next stop, every song you play you’ll be thinking about the key!

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