SES Examples 4 & 5

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Gary Meader - June 6, 2020 Reply

Why does my screen always tell me to go back and finish the previous lesson? I’m waiting until you’re done, and then I move on. No biggie, but am I not following the way I should be?

    Jonathan Boettcher - June 6, 2020 Reply

    Hi Gary, are you choosing the Next Lesson button, or the Mark Complete button? I recommend using the Mark Complete one, as that effectively tells the system you’ve done that one and it will bring you to the next lesson as well. If you just use Next Lesson, that’s more for getting around than tracking progress.

Gary Meader - June 6, 2020 Reply

I also can’t seem to get beyond lesson 3…4&5 won’t come up, tho the blue button says they’re in progress.

    Jonathan Boettcher - June 6, 2020 Reply

    Try the Mark Complete button, and let me know if the problem persists.

Michael Douglas - June 23, 2020 Reply

Why can’t I go from lesson 3 to 4? Each time I try it says please go back and finish previous lesson which I did twice! Please let me know how to advance to next lesson, thanks!

    Jonathan Boettcher - June 23, 2020 Reply

    Are you clicking the Mark Complete button under the lesson?

Gerry - January 23, 2021 Reply

I’ve already taken my strumming up a notch and I am only thru example 3. No problems with my player and advancing thru lessons. Just mark complete when done. Thanks man!!!!

    Jonathan Boettcher - January 25, 2021 Reply

    That’s great to hear Gerry!

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