SES Example 3

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Dennis Lawler - December 27, 2020 Reply

In addition to the lessons I’ve downloaded from you, I had been taking on-line one-on-one lessons from a music teacher from the U. of Arkansas. In September, when they felt it was safe to change to in-person lessons, I balked. At about that same time, I resumed writing a biography about a 91-year old friend, and that consumed all my spare time for months. My guitar literally had gotten dusty!
The book, “Hickory,” is now done, and available on Amazon (just search my name, Dennis Lawler, and it will pop up), so my NY resolution is to get reacquainted with my guitar. I just opened “Expressive Strumming,” and I realized how much I had missed your courses. No questions (so far): just a comment. Nice to be back. Your teaching style is wonderful. Happy New Year.

    Jonathan Boettcher - December 27, 2020 Reply

    Thanks Dennis, welcome back, and Happy New Year to you as well!

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