SES Example 12

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Hey Jonathon:
In going thru these lessons you have used the comment re: different strum s, “fit it to the song”
How do you do that, there are a lot of different strums and of course lots of songs, I just don’t have a clue on how to do that.

Any words of Wisdom ? btw, enjoying the course and your teaching.

    Jonathan Boettcher - February 4, 2019 Reply

    Hi Bill, that’s a great question. I guess the simple answer is, try to fit it to the drums. In the beginning, your ear might not be “tuned” to listen to the drums, but it just takes some practice. Pick a song you want to work with, and listen to it all the way through, really focusing on the drums. The more you can train your ear to start hearing the drums, it will really help you. The most important parts are the kick drum, and the snare. Don’t worry about fills and all that other stuff, those two usually set the core of the rhythm. From there, you can start building a strum that fits what the drums (kick and snare) are doing. As you get better at this, then you can start lining up with the fills too. Does that help? - February 4, 2019 Reply

I’ll work at that. 🙂

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