The Solo (Demonstration)

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Alvin Borthwick - October 20, 2019 Reply

Jonathon, I sincerely believe your lesson material on this subject and demonstration of it via this Solo is absolutely top notch. I cannot credit you enough!

I think you should do a few more Solos on this very aspect with a couple of different progressions that would drive home the point you are making so well…i.e the value of knowing what notes one is choosing to play rather than shooting darts and hoping for a melodic result to emerge.

I think any learner who believes just learning lead solos from songs without any regard to understanding the underlying theory framework of scale choices / notes and their relationship to harmony is really making a big mistake in the long run!

You mentioned the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ attitude – which is made so valid.

Thank you for formulating such a great course!

Alvin Borthwick

    Jonathan Boettcher - October 22, 2019 Reply

    Thanks Alan!!!

    I will indeed consider doing more solos with this approach, I’m glad to hear you’ve found it helpful!

Cliff Carbaugh - March 18, 2024 Reply

Jonathan, I can’t thank you enough! This course has re-ignited my excitement at learning/playing/practicing my guitar daily again. Now, I am just hoping for more uninterrupted hours-in-a-day to practice until I can play these lick automatically! Thank you very, VERY much! 🙂

Cliff Carbaugh

    Jonathan Boettcher - March 19, 2024 Reply

    Thanks Cliff! That’s awesome to hear!

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