Module 1

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Adrian Chalkley - August 30, 2020 Reply

Adrian Chalkley

Have just finished Module 1. Having all the action in Box 1 certainly takes the pressure off where to go next – except that I’m now beginning to “hear” where the music wants to go and have started using the extended scale to get there! But that’s OK I guess? And I can always run back to Box 1 if I get lost.

All good stuff!

    Jonathan Boettcher - August 31, 2020 Reply

    Hey Adrian, you know, that’s exactly what I was hoping to hear! Taking the pressure off was the purpose of focusing just on Box 1, so that’s mission accomplished. And starting to hear where the music wants to go outside of that box is a really, really good development in your playing, so yeah, follow it where it wants to go!

    The goal of the course was to take the pressure & focus off the other “stuff” so you can really hone in on the music itself. It sounds like you’ve really connected with that.

    Let me know how the rest of the course goes!

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