Copycat Solo #1

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Melvin Schofield - November 23, 2020 Reply

After concentrating on learning solo 1 and playing the copycat, I found it useful to go over the solo 1 lesson again, to consolidate my understanding of how the notes in the solo derived from the chords. I think I’ll follow the same approach through the rest of the solos.

    Jonathan Boettcher - November 23, 2020 Reply

    That’s a good idea Melvin!

Melvin Schofield - November 24, 2020 Reply

I can see how I could use these principles to write a pre-prepared ‘head’ solo to play over a chord progression. At the moment, I’m a lot less sure that I could do this on the fly when improvising over a jam track or other live musicians!

    Jonathan Boettcher - November 24, 2020 Reply

    Hey Melvin, writing a “head” solo, as you call it, is a great exercise, and can be a very good stepping stone towards being able to improvise similar things.

    Ironically, the path toward improvising is actually filled with tons of non-spontaneous exercises and practice.

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