The Rhythm

The chord progression we’re working with in this course is a simple one, D, C, G. But simple doesn’t have to meanĀ boring, which is why I included a much more interesting way of approaching those chords. My hope is that this helps start to open up some new rhythm possibilities for you, as you begin to blur the lines between soloing and playing rhythm.

Let me know how it goes!

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Diane - April 8, 2020 Reply

Love this course. Would you be able to count the first bar? one, two e and uh, three etc.


Jonathan Boettcher - April 8, 2020 Reply

Hi Diane, I assume you’re referring to Solo #1? When you’re looking at the music for that, the first thing to notice is that it’s broken into four chunks – each covering one quarter beat. So we start with a rest (one). The next part is in sixteenths, so “2 ee and ah,” with a rest on the “and”. The third one is a mixture of an eighth and two sixteenths, so “3 and ah”, and the fourth quarter is the same way “4 and ah”.

If we put all that together, it would look like this:

One, two ee and ah, three and ah, four and ah

Does that help?

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