01 Strumming

Strumming! Playing rhythm can actually be quite fun and rewarding, especially when you have a whole bunch of tricks up your sleeve for making it more dynamic and interesting. Strumming is a huge part of any song, and well worthy of our attention!

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Clisthenes Lopez - July 6, 2021 Reply

How do I check mark after I completed each part of a lesson?

    Jonathan Boettcher - July 6, 2021 Reply

    Just use the “Mark Complete” button underneath the lessons.

Cheryl@bwyachts.com - September 27, 2021 Reply

can this be downloaded to my computer so I can use it without being online?

    Jonathan Boettcher - September 27, 2021 Reply

    Hi Cheryl, yes – on the course homepage click the Course Download Links button (it goes green when you hover over it) and in there you can find download links for the entire course.

David Shrum - January 9, 2022 Reply

Hi Jonathan.
It took me awhile to finally get started between the holidays and my job. I never realized there were so many different ways to strum the guitar. This helps a lot with my playing. Thanks. Now back to the course…still have a ways to go before I complete the whole course.
PS: I’ve completed the “Unlocking 1 4 5” course. I bet I went through it 5-6 times before finishing. I now understand a lot more about music theory. Still just learning but maybe in a few weeks I’ll see a big difference in how and what I play. Thanks again!!!

brl312@hotmail.com - April 29, 2022 Reply

I’m a bass player and the 1 4 5 was awesome for me. I wish I’d had this guy around in the late 60’s early 70’s. Learning would’ve been so much more fun and less time consuming than the stop and go method (start the record then stop the record to learn a song). I’ve now ventured into learning rhythm guitar. At 60 I’m feeling young again. Enjoy.

Chuck Trundle - July 29, 2022 Reply

You’ve mentioned a book a couple of times so far in the videos. How do I download that?

    Jonathan Boettcher - July 29, 2022 Reply

    You’ll find the link in the Course Download Links on the course homepage.

      Chuck Trundle - July 29, 2022 Reply

      Found it – that section was collapsed and I had to click the “Course Download Links” wording to expand it. Thanks!

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