DRG 08 Full Bar Riffs

In this section we’re going to focus on adding a one-bar riff in at the end of a simple 4-bar chord progression. The “Rubber Rooms” have been included at the end of this video, as well as the drum tracks. The same drum tracks are also below, if that is easier to work with. Useful Resources:

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Linda Denman
Linda Denman
8 years ago

Question: I like the soft sound of strumming and fingerpicking without a pick. As I start to look at the riff section I am wondering if the “no pick” option is merely a matter of preference or is the pick technique necessary to actually get to all of the notes. Can it be fingered as well as picked? I know this would not be the case with hybrid picking. Is it more than a question of the softer sound?

Linda Denman
Linda Denman
8 years ago

Yes, thank you very much.

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