Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos Jam Bundle

Discover the secrets of crafting guitar riffs that are custom-fitted for the song you’re working on. Watch your solos become more musical, melodic, and creative, while your knowledge and command of the fretboard increases exponentially!

Transform your “practice” time into full-on jam sessions with 90 high quality jam tracks of various genres, styles, tempos, keys, and rhythms. It’s like having your own band in your back pocket, ready to play anytime, anywhere you please!

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Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos + Jam Track Bundle


Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos + Jam Track Bundle

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What They're Saying

"I've not stopped thinking of ideas for thirds"

I very much enjoyed this course. Often at work I have thought about trying different ideas with thirds until I can get home to try them out. I have not stopped thinking of ideas for thirds and also how they can fit into scale patterns. Many thanks.

Neville Horne- September 8, 2018

"A New Stage In My Playing"

Jonathan, this is an exceptionally helpful lesson. It really feels that this is taking me on to a new stage in my playing. So much to learn and rehearse, but you have explained the theory in a brilliant way. Many thanks.

Peter Dale- October 3, 2018

"It All Makes So Much Sense Now"

The course is really well done and has been very helpful to me. I’ve heard these sorts of riffs before and I always thought they sounded great, but I never really thought through how to play them. How did those guitar players know what pairs of notes would sound good? It was a bit of a mystery to me…

After seeing your “Tasty Riffs and Solos” course, it all makes so much sense now.

Carlisle Adams- April 17, 2017

"My Soloing Has Improved"

I’ve had the Blues Jam Tracks for a few weeks now and I think they are all great, my favorite being Bad Blues. It’s good to have a selection of tracks with different styles, keys & tempos to experiment on.

My soloing has improved as a result.

Denis- September 19, 2016


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