Guitar Scale Patterns Made Easy

Discover how to use scale patterns to navigate the entire fretboard, in any key!

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What They're Saying

An Earthshaking Discovery

Just wanted to thank you for a few “new” ideas I picked up from your scale course and one earthshaking discovery that linked together stuff I’ve been doing for over 40 years playing around on the guitar.

Mark Hintz

Many ah-HA! Moments

I had felt that playing guitar efficiently would be something that I just would not grasp…especially fret board knowledge and theory. Thank you for proving me wrong.

The patterns that you define and the theory that goes with it has allowed my brain and my fingers to come together in an understanding that makes everything flow.

I have to tell you, playing is one thing… understanding what you’re doing… that’s the key.

I once felt this would be too comlex for me, but your patterns are simple to follow and it sticks in your memory.

You have given me many AH-HA moments.

George Johnson


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